Transland focuses on innovation

DIVIS identified new potential and is supporting
forwarder Transland in implementation.

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‘Innovative technology, efficient processes and well-trained staff are our strengths’

Morten Svendsen (managing director)
TRANSLAND Spedition GmbH

This is how forwarding agent Transland guarantees customers optimum logistics services as a member of the Zufall logistics group and as a network partner of System Alliance. Given a constantly rising shipment volume, increasingly stringent quality requirements and constant cost and time pressures, forwarder
Transland is now focusing even more on the use of innovative technology. Using the camera-based tracking system from DIVIS, the trained staff at Transland are now provided with in-depth support in their daily tasks. The CargoVIS software
simplifies processes and saves costs with clear transfer of liability. 


‘After a few weeks, we can make a first conclusion. The new CargoVIS solution will soon pay for itself, and we have already grown to appreciate our partnership with DIVIS.’


DIVIS identified new potential and provided Transland with professional advice during the implementation of the new system solution. ‘In particular, we value the easy operation, which has led to a high level of acceptance for the DIVIS solution among our staff,’ says Morten Svendsen. ‘The direct start of a shipping information search using the Link+ feature from our Transdata shipping software is just one example of the added value that allows us to achieve a reliable return on investment. As a result, we are very well prepared for the tasks of tomorrow.’

Gate+ – Green logistics in practice

With state-of-the-art energy-efficient servers and the Gate+ feature, Transland also meets the requirements for sustainability. Monitoring gate status with Gate+ offers energy savings as well as additional security.

Located in the heart of Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany, forwarding agent Transland guarantees dynamic transport and warehouse logistics. Thanks to technology from DIVIS, Transland is able to focus even more closely on efficiency and reliability – and to act quickly and flexibly.    


‘Decisive factors are our quality, reliability and transparency,’ explains Morten Svendsen. 


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Start search from the shipping software


Reliable scanner
tracking system

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