Documentation of damage in an instant

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DamageVIS is a reliable claims management solution

Now you can process all cases of damage quickly and easily with the support of automated steps. DamageVIS offers a straightforward, well-defined workflow, increasing the speed and quality of your claims management. Staff workload is reduced and process times are shortened. Clear documentation and a professional image will increase your acceptance among customers and partners. It is a solution that pays off very quickly.

Claims management made easy

Depending on your preferences, damage can be recorded using mobile PDAs by DIVIS or the photo function on scanners in your logistics facility (e.g. with the software from TIS). The compact PDA by DIVIS with a fast processor is based on Android and is equipped with the intuitive DamageVIS damage recording software.


Scan data, 4 pictures of the damage with a resolution of 8 megapixels as well as individual text information of the damage and user information are menu-driven – depending on customer requirement recorded and automatically transferred to the secure DamageVIS-Server. Thanks to the intelligent cross-referencing of data, DamageVIS reduces the need for time-consuming manual processes. Data is saved on a reliable database-supported system, allowing you to meet the requirements of partners and customers easily. The DamageVIS client software offers the greatest degree of flexibility, whether you want to forward the stored data directly or to include additional details.

Communicate on a professional level

Unfortunately, damage does happen from time to time. However, there is much to be gained with better-targeted communication. With DamageVIS you inform your customers now faster and more effectively.