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14.12.2017 03:22

Special Announcement from December 13, 2017: Hendrik Reger receives procuration

We hereby announce that as of today DIVIS Sales Manager Hendrik Reger has received procuration with Deutsche Videosystem GmbH ...

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27.11.2017 01:04

Green power: Photovoltaic system on the roof of the DIVIS headquarters

DIVIS stands for value driven business actions and sustainability in every sense. That is true for the solutions we develop for our customers, and beyond. This includes the solar power system on the roof of the DIVIS premises in Bordesholm ...

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26.11.2017 15:39

Review of 2017, outlook for 2018, our tip of the month and a lot of cordiality at DIVIS

Do you feel the same way? We can hardly believe that a new year is already starting in just a few weeks. However, it is no wonder that time has passed so quickly. 2017 was an eventful and, for DIVIS, again a very successful year driven by growth. Find out in this newsletter about the developments at DIVIS this year ...

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05.11.2017 23:53

New panorama feature, video network tips, employee presentation: sales

The Christmas season is almost within reach and we are approaching the new year with big steps.
But first we have some news and interesting tips for you.
Learn more about the new panorama feature for the live operation of our 360º 4K cameras...

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07.10.2017 02:42

DIVIS behind the scenes: active monitoring and anniversary

Let us start together into the last quarter of this year with some interesting news. Today we will report on the DIVIS monitoring and our anniversary summer festival   ...

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01.09.2017 16:20

ZUFALL in Göttingen opts for consignment tracking with 4K camera technology from DIVIS

The ZUFALL logistics group moves almost 5 million shipments per year. At the head office in Göttingen, a solution was sought in early 2017 to further improve the quality assurance for the demanding order volumes. The goal was the optimized service quality by continuous tracking of the packages passing through. Here, CargoVIS, the research software for freight forwarders and warehouses from DIVIS, convinced.

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04.08.2017 16:42

New camera hardware, DIVIS competition and an anniversary

Summer, sun ... rainy weather. The summer has unfortunately not shown the best of itself so far. In many regions, you sometimes got wet feet instead of sunshine.
But at least at DIVIS we have some good news for you ...

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27.06.2017 23:09

DIVIS Competition - we have another winner!

Did you participate in our recent tombola?
The winner of the second prize has just been drawn. A Hero5 Session digital camera goes to ...

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04.06.2017 20:12

transport logistic retrospect and a winner!

Friendly as usual not only regarding the weather, the May has also proven itself as the merry month at our second trade show presentation in Munich this year - the transport logistic was a complete success.
If you have participated in our recent DIVIS tombola, you are probably waiting curiously for the announcement of the winners.

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19.04.2017 22:21

DIVIS at transport logistic in Munich

In May, we are presenting new products live at the transport logistic fair in Munich. You will find us in Hall B2, Stand 317/518. Visit us!

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