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Dates 2018 and customer event invitation, update preview, tip of the month, and employee introduction



Welcome to the new year!
After a brief pause and review of the past 12 months, in the first days of the still young year the gaze quickly turns towards everything new ahead. At least that's true for DIVIS. We look forward to an eventful and successful year 2018 together with you and look forward to providing you with new features for our proven software products with our next update.


In addition, we are preparing for various live events, where you can meet us personally in 2018. The first opportunity will be the LogiMAT in Stuttgart next March. During an Open House as part of the "Tag der Logistik (Day of Logistics)" event in April and at the Job Fair Kiel in October, potential candidates from the region will have the opportunity to meet our team and learn more about our work.


Another highlight in June will be the "Kieler Daag" at DIVIS, an event for our existing customers in the context of the Kieler Woche. We have planned quite a lot from interesting industry exchange and looks behind the scenes at DIVIS to an innovation workshop on a sailing ship.


If you are interested in participating, please read our information in this newsletter, because the number of participants is limited.

Also, meet our back office staff in this newsletter issue.


Happy reading and a Happy New Year 
on behalf of the DIVIS Team

Yours Hendrik Reger

- Sales Manager -





The topics of this issue:


Trade shows and live dates 2018 at DIVIS


Preview at version 1.4: New features in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS


List import in ParcelVIS


Our staff from the back office







Trade shows and dates 2018 at DIVIS


16th LogiMATtl_files/news_img/test/2017/logimat2018.jpg

March 13-15, 2018 | Messe Stuttgart
DIVIS presents at Stand A07 in Hall 8.



Tag der Logistik (Day of Logistics)tl_files/news_img/test/2017/tag-der-logistik.jpg

„Open House” at DIVIS for applicants and oher interested parties
from the region

April 19, 2018 in Bordesholm
More info



DIVIS customer event „Kieler Daag" in the context of Kieler Wochetl_files/news_img/test/2017/kieler-daag-en-klein.jpg

(for more info please see below)

June 20-22, 2018 in Bordesholm


Job Fair Kieltl_files/news_img/test/2017/jobmesse-kiel.jpg

October 26-28, 2018 in Kiel




DIVIS customer event „Kieler Daag" in the context of Kieler Woche


tl_files/news_img/test/2017/kieler-daag-en.jpgFrom June 20 to 22, 2018, we invite you to Bordesholm for an exclusive event for our customers, the "Kieler Daag" at DIVIS: On two eventful days, we welcome you to our premises and take you to Kiel's Inner Fjord on a 3 mast schooner specially rented for the event.
There we offer an innovation workshop, where above all your wishes as a customer will be the focus. We will discuss questions of optimization and the expansion of DIVIS products and solutions - a joint look into the future, so to speak.
To conclude, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our team and industry colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere during the convivial get-together.
The available spots are limited due to limited hotel contingents and the available space on the sailing ship. Currently 60 spots are open.
Our customer event is deliberately held in the period of the Kieler Woche, because the planned activities perfectly pair with this event. Participation in the "Kieler Daag" at DIVIS is free of charge for you. Only for travel and accommodation, we ask you to pay yourself. We have already reserved hotel contingents for you. However, during the Kieler Woche these quotas are very limited. In order to not let them expire and to guarantee you a place to stay overnight, we try to collect the registrations for the DIVIS event until January 31, 2018.



If you, as a DIVIS customer, are interested in participating, we kindly ask you to send your request for registration as soon as possible to our organizer, Malin Kroll, at Please indicate if you need a place to stay overnight. You will receive further information about our program, hotel accommodation and arrival from Malin Kroll.


More information about our events and live performances will be available shortly on our website and in the following newsletters.







Preview at version 1.4: New features in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS




In our two proven software products, CargoVIS (for the visual tracking of palletized shipments), and ParcelVIS (for package tracking in transshipment depots and HUBs) we have optimized existing features and added new options. For users of our software solutions, we will provide these features with the next update to version 1.4, which is expected to be available in the course of January 2018.



Innovations in CargoVIS II and ParcelVIS II Version 1.4


  • New export format PTD 2 (Parcel Tracking File)
    • H.264 export supported: Saves space and time when exporting, as images do not need to be converted.
    • Export of virtual camera images as image or video sequence: So far, only the export of the complete camera image was possible, with the innovation also the export of extracts of the virtual cameras (image clips from the actual view) is possible.
    • Automatic search for consignment and package number: CargoVIS first searches for consignments and, if this does not produce any results, then for packages.
    • 360°camera adjustments:
      • Adjustable display duration of tool tips
      Panorama view in the live view
      • Icon for display of the current camera image rotation


Also new in CargoVIS II release version 1.4

  • Optimizations in Pixel+:
    • Improved pixelation in 4K cameras, resulting in improved blurring of selected image components
    • Grayscale pixelation: Pixelated content is displayed greyed-out, another option to make more information unrecognizable
    • Optional gray masking instead of pixelation: Contents can be completely masked in gray instead of being pixelated and are thus no longer recognizable.
    • "Privacy zones" for permanent masking of predefined areas
    • Language selection via the file menu: Time saving, since no restart is necessary.


Also new in ParcelVIS II Release Version 1.4

  • CargoVIS scan data search, a new search option using pre-recorded data from the scanning process




List import in ParcelVIS




The list import in ParcelVIS is primarily a target / actual comparison of packages. The list management in ParcelVIS makes it possible to process package searches more easily and clearly. Both manually created individual files and standard lists can be imported automatically, e.g. every morning.




During the daily comparison of the packages in the incoming and outgoing goods via a difference list, which is automatically transferred to list management every morning, the user can then specifically search these packages using video research to find out why, for example, there was no initial scan or why there were differences.

The difference amounts collected in a list during the course of a working day by quality management can then be checked by means of video research to see whether the consignments affected have left the depot. The main advantage is that this step is done directly in the ParcelVIS interface, no need to switch between two systems. This search information can be documented and saved on the same day (possible export formats, for example, .csv and Excel files). This speeds up internal processes and creates transparency.


The targeted search for scan types (bridge scanner vs. i-point) in a selectable period of time is also possible, because behind the functionality of the list import a database is stored, which allows various information queries.



Our staff from the back office



Fig.: v.l. Sven Rautenberg, Vanessa Lewandowski


Our colleagues in the DIVIS back office are the silent division in the background, taking care of all the essential organizational and commercial matters, so that customers receive contracts, documents and information in time, bills are booked and inquiries answered. Of our hard-working helpers today we introduce Sven Rautenberg, Stephanie Kröhnert and Vanessa Lewandowski.



Sven Rautenberg


One of our long-standing employees is Sven Rautenberg. As early as 2005, the commercial specialist began his career in the company as a reinforcement in the back office and sales. In 2013, DIVIS expressed its trust and confidence in the form of procuration.
Meanwhile, Sven has taken over commercial management in the areas of back office (control of internal processes), planning & project planning, and service (aftersales).

His decade long inspiration and motivation by the working atmosphere and DIVIS as a company, he summarizes as follows:
"Working at eye level and appreciation among colleagues. The result is the amazing momentum to never stand still. "

As a special strength of the DIVIS, he considers the young team, in which different strengths are bundled and used purposefully and as well as the partnership-oriented relationships with customers.




Stephanie Kröhnert



The trained industrial clerk has worked in operational purchasing at DIVIS since 2010 and since her return from parental leave has been supporting the back office in sales, purchasing, resource planning and invoicing. She appreciates the varied work in an open and cooperative team with flat hierarchies.

Stephanie sees the greatest strength of DIVIS in the continuous and direct exchange with customers and the constant optimization of internal company processes.

The short reaction times, consideration of individual customer needs and products, that usually exceed users' expectations by their functionality and user-friendliness, are, according to Stephanie's assessment, the ingredients for the success of DIVIS.




Vanessa Lewandowski


Vanessa has been part of the DIVIS team since July 2017. As a commercial assistant in the back office, the trained office clerk enforces sales and service. Most of her work involves dealing with numbers, from invoicing, over bookings to the determination of the monthly key figures for the service area. The support of the team and the close cooperation motivate Vanessa, as she says, to complete even complex tasks quickly and successfully and to rise to new challenges.

"Employees are treated super fair and on a very personal level," she notes.

Particularly important in her dealings with clients she considers the bond through trust and satisfaction, a path to success into which, based on her previous experience, DIVIS invests a great deal of energy.

"The good customer loyalty, through the sales and service, the in-house software development as well as the entire uniform external appearance I count to the biggest strengths of the company DIVIS."



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