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New possibilities for the CEP service provider

With ParcelVIS II, DIVIS offers a revolutionary solution for tracking parcels in the parcel depots and hubs run by CEP service providers. Thanks to ParcelVIS II you can keep an eye on every single consignment from arrival to despatch – from a small, manual delivery depot to a complex, fully automated sorting facility.

Using the parcel label number, you get immediate information about the status and whereabouts of a consignment every time a scan takes place. Procedures can thus be visualised in a targeted manner even at very complex depots. With the ParcelVIS II software, the route of the parcel is always depicted according to the relevant search criteria. The relevant areas of the sorting facility are automatically and clearly shown with all the relevant information in just a matter of seconds.


This is possible thanks to an intelligent configuration tool for the DIVIS parcel tracking system. We provide transparency even in the most complex sorting facilities. With ParcelVIS II you can react quickly and intuitively to deviations from the predefined routes.


Once identified, you can continuously track a parcel until the transfer of liability takes place. The intelligent ParcelVIS II software even manages difficulties caused, for example, by multiple reads on the omni-portal scanners, fluctuating conveyor speeds or the manual handling of parcels. Discrepancies in the parcel life cycle lists can be processed promptly, quickly and reliably so that the number of incomplete parcel records is permanently reduced. The export of research processes with all the relevant images is simply done alongside the search process.


Thanks to the use of megapixel cameras ParcelVIS II impresses with highest picture quality. In this respect, the latest network technology and high-performance server systems guarantee reliability. Due to the very high level of integration with your sorting facility’s control system, ParcelVIS II offers you innovative and practical functionality.


This makes ParcelVIS II an efficient and future-proof investment for your company.




Start your package search directly on the ParcelVIS II interface. All relevant daily information is clearly displayed and you can calculate your shipments reliably and directly. 


The new ParcelVIS generation takes into account the individual transport features of different sorting and conveying systems, offering you the fastest results with guaranteed success.