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Innovation for warehouse logistics

StoreVIS is the new video system solution for an evidential documentation of your complex warehouse processes. High optimization potential as well as the acquisition of new, relevant key figures complete the solution portfolio of StoreVIS.


A steadily growing demand for storage space, "Just in Time" logistics processes, industry 4.0 associated with ever more demands on IT requirements, different array of goods and an increasing proportion of value-edit services are the challenges of modern warehouse logistics.


Thanks to innovative video technology, StoreVIS accompanies every step in modern warehouse operations. Whether warehousing, returns process, commissioning or dispatch - all levels can be modularly visualized.


Thus StoreVIS provides optimum recording and visualization of any process thanks to the linking between video and consignment data. The modular structure offers optimum integration into your specific procedures. From small-scale processes through to overall solutions - depending on the logistical applications - the modern process visualization offers different saving potentials.


The relevant process is decisive. DIVIS analyzes the process flow and creates an individual solution for your logistics. In doing so, DIVIS offers a rapid access to a modular toolbox.


Use already today new saving potentials with a safe return on investment and offer your customers a perfect, efficient and safe warehouse logistics.