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DIVIS Ansprechpartnerinnen Sigrid Trede & Lissa Nosowski

Sigrid Trede & Lissa Nosowski

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Fun & Success at Work

Our Team


Service & Support

Get to know the many diligent minds and hands at DIVIS, who make sure that everything runs smoothly and problems turn into solutions in no time every day.

Martin Teja Marzahl | Service-Innendienst DIVIS

Martin Teja Marzahl

Martin Teja Marzahl has been a member of the DIVIS service team since September 1, 2021 and works here in customer support.

When he applied for a job at DIVIS, the graduated Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology was looking for a field of activity in which he could practically apply and expand his knowledge. A trial week to see if the expectations on both sides matched made it clear that this is a good fit!

Already in the first few days, Teja felt very comfortable among his new team colleagues.

In the coming weeks, he will acquire more in-depth knowledge of the products developed by DIVIS. Teja's motivation to inspire customers with these sophisticated solutions is already growing noticeably.

Teja describes himself as relaxed and persevering, even when things get hectic. Learning comes easily to him and he also enjoys it. These three qualities will definitely be very useful to Teja in his further training and future tasks.

In his spare time, he likes live role-playing and computer gaming. The affinity for technology on the one hand and creativity on the other are a mix with a lot of potential for an "out-of-the-box-thinking" approach to problems. This makes Teja an excellent fit for DIVIS.

Sven Stoltenberg | DIVIS

Sven Stoltenberg

The merchant for wholesale and foreign trade has been reinforcing second level support in customer service since 2013. He primarily handles service inquiries, takes care of the examination of customer systems via remote maintenance and problem solutions.

He briefly tells the story behind his motivation as a DIVIS employee:
"I came to DIVIS by coincidence. I was inspired by the respectful and appreciative treatment of employees and customers. I really wanted to work in this climate, because I had never experienced such a relationship with employees and customers before.

For me, the particular appeal of working for DIVIS is finding a solution for clients and colleagues with seemingly unsolvable problems, and watching the initial disappointment turn into excitement."

Mario Siepert | DIVIS

Mario Siepert

After retraining as a network administrator and organizer, Mario joined DIVIS in 2006 as a commissioning technician and in 2007 became the company's first dedicated service technician. In 2015, he switched to 1st level employee support. As part of his work, he is working on 1st level queries in monitoring, as well as actively shaping the support area and supporting the DIVIS technicians. The variety of tasks in his area leads to a very varied everyday life, which Mario greatly appreciates.

When asked why he enjoys working for DIVIS, he answers without hesitation: "We have very good solutions for our customers, which we are constantly developing further together. The atmosphere is relaxed within the DIVIS team and you can be assured of the support of others when you need the resources. He believes that DIVIS is particularly strong in responding quickly to customer requests and flexible, new projects, enhancements and module customizations using the latest technology, always with an open view into the future.

Tim Rieper | DIVIS

Tim Rieper

Tim has been part of the DIVIS team since 2006. After starting to work in the field service, the trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant has been responsible for the area of ​​1st level support in customer service since 2013. Among other things, he is taking care of the telephone hotline, is responsible for the processing of customer tickets, the active monitoring and the preliminary checking of the video systems for planned maintenance.

He explains his motivation: "The tasks are versatile, and not boring, since among others the technology and software as well as our software products are constantly changing and thus also the demands on my job. I enjoy it when customer inquiries can be completed in a timely and goal-oriented manner in the interests of the customer." At DIVIS, above all, he likes the friendly cooperation, the flat hierarchies and the appreciation of the contributions of each individual employee.

Tim sees the greatest strengths of DIVIS in three essential aspects. On the one hand, active written and telephone communication with customers, willingness to learn and adaptability, and last but not least excellent social skills within the DIVIS team.

Jonas Bleisteiner | DIVIS

Jonas Bleisteiner

With a background in history and Nordic philology, Jonas is a career changer par excellence. The versatile hobby musician describes himself as highly receptive and flexible.

He has been working in DIVIS support since November 1, 2019, takes care of inquiries and uses monitoring to solve problems before customers even notice that they are there.
He quickly found that he really enjoys working with customers.
Also, he immediately felt comfortable and welcome in the friendly environment at DIVIS.

On the subject of customer enthusiasm at DIVIS, he says: “Customer enthusiasm means delivering solutions that precisely address the customer's problems and challenges. And then make sure that the customer never has big problems with the system. It is best for the customer if he never needs support.”

And what makes DIVIS so strong in Jonas’ eyes?
“The agility that enables a compact and motivated team. We can react quickly and so we often stay one step ahead of the competition.”

Regina Thon | DIVIS

Regina Thon

Whether deployment and trip planning for the service technicians, the processing of error and maintenance logs or the creation of key figures, the trained industrial and foreign language clerk (English) has everything under control. Since the beginning of 2017, Regina has been filling her position as commercial assistant for service dispatch planning at DIVIS with full commitment. Not a day is like the other, she says, one learns constantly and the contact with customers and technicians make the work very varied.

Above all, Regina appreciates the friendly approach, cohesion and helpfulness in the team. From the outside, too, DIVIS reflects the positive spirit of the company, says Regina: "If the customer is satisfied, then we too are satisfied. Enthusiastic customers reflect good work and give us positive feedback, which also has a positive impact on our work performance."

Stephanie Kröhnert | DIVIS

Stephanie Kröhnert

The trained industrial clerk began her career at DIVIS in 2010 in operational purchasing. After her return from parental leave, she became a member of the back office and worked on tasks in sales, purchasing, deployment planning, and invoicing. Meanwhile, Stephanie is concentrating her energies fully on operational planning and is supporting her colleague Regina Thon here.

She appreciates the diversified work in an open and cooperative team with flat hierarchies.
To her, the greatest strength of DIVIS are the continuous and direct exchange with customers and the ongoing optimisation of internal company processes.
Short response times and consideration of individual customer needs, and products are the ingredients for the success of DIVIS, says Stephanie. Users love the functionality and user friendliness of the software and are more than satisfied because expectations are usually exceeded by DIVIS.

Sabrina Reymann | DIVIS Einsatzplanung

Sabrina Reymann

Sabrina had already noticed DIVIS as an attractive employer some time ago. The trained industrial clerk became aware of us through her acquaintance with a co-worker and her raving about the working climate. Now, she has been part of the DIVIS team since November and feels very welcome. "Everyone is taken seriously here and treated with respect," she says.

Sabrina is a communicative person, which makes her an ideal fit for the dispatch planning of the service technicians, because here she has a lot of contact with colleagues and customers every day. Sabrina enjoys the varied work very much. A hectic moment or an unexpected development cannot easily discourage the reliable coordinator. In her spare time, she likes to draw new energy for her tasks with a good coastal crime novel or in her garden.

Sabrina can fully identify with the DIVIS principle of customer enthusiasm. Overcoming difficulties with customer-oriented service and then experiencing the positive feedback, all that is part of what motivates her to give 100% every day. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," she says with a little twinkle.

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