Profile+ for video-based material flow optimization
Profile+ for targeted video-based material flow optimization

Targeted process optimizing


Profile+ supports you in analyzing and optimizing complex logistics processes over large areas and time windows.

Why Profile+

Analyze logistics processes the practical way

Increasing logistics halls and increasingly complex processes create new challenges. Overseeing processes over large logistics areas and time windows in order to optimize them in a targeted manner has become almost impossible for those responsible today.
Profile+ is a powerful analysis software for targeted video-based material flow optimization that creates transparency.
Shorten and optimize your processes in the hall with Profile+.

Convincing efficiency

reduced operating costs

Motion analysis

Where is the high hall particularly busy? Where are unused areas? With Profile+ you have a quick overview. Optimize hall utilization through targeted motion analysis.

Scan performance analysis

Profile+ enables the monitoring of the scans per scanner. This will determine how efficiently each scanner in the hall is being used. To take privacy into account, the performance analysis can be done anonymously.

Scan path analysis

How are the scans processed? Compare specifications and actual processes directly with each other and shorten forklift routes.

Scan range analysis

For targeted video-based material flow optimization Profile+ analyzes which scanning process takes place where in your hall. For example, erroneous shipments can be minimized from the data obtained.

Combination CargoVIS / Profile+

If there are any queries about any scan information, the user can directly switch to our CargoVIS software and analyze the scans there using recorded video material.

Door status analysis

An analysis of the gate status creates more safety and energy efficiency as well as an overview of the loading process. The additional linkage with motion and scan analyzes provides even more valuable data for your process optimization.

ProfileVIS für die videobasierte Materialflussoptimierung mit realen Kennzahlen

Added value
for your video system

The added benefit of process optimization
by Profile+ also shortens the amortization
of your entire video system.

The right decision

Making new potential visible,

revealing problems in time

Profile+ supports you in analyzing and optimizing complex logistics processes over large areas and time windows.


Video-based material flow optimization: Profile+ does not analyze theoretical values, but analyzes your real logistics processes based on parameters you have defined yourself. This will give you a real picture of the situation in your hall and can reveal potential for optimization.

Process visualization for logistics: Whether activity profile, scan profile or gate status analysis: The intuitive Profile+ user interface allows fast and targeted specification of your individual analysis parameters and provides you with comprehensive and informative answers (events divided into hourly or daily time windows or over a longer period of time).

The analysis with Profile+ among other things answers the following central questions

What free capacities does the logistics location offer?
How can we position shipments better?
Which days are extremely busy? (Possibility of day-specific analysis)
Are our scanning processes organized efficiently?
Are scans consistent with our standards?
Is the loading organized efficiently?
Do we give away energy?
Are there any security holes?

That's how targeted video-based material flow optimization works: Profile+ analyzes your real logistics processes and not theoretical values.
Profile+ is particularly user-friendly thanks to the easy-to-understand, visual presentation of the collected information.
In this way complex contexts can be communicated and discussed in the team. The optimal basis for making the right decisions.

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