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Case studies & References



Case studies & References

Transparency for your processes

Our products in practical use at our customers

Successful CEP, general cargo, warehousing and AirCargo logistics specialists are already using the future-ready DIVIS system solutions for consignment tracking in the warehouse.
No matter if the goal is more transparency, speed, efficiency or security – our solutions are successfully in use in more than 450 locations. Your advantage: optimized handling of goods flows, rapid clarification of missing shipments and clear transfer of liability, falling costs, optimized service and enhanced corporate image.
Below you will find practical reports from our customers, who use DIVIS products for consignment tracking in the warehouse.

Available across Europe

500+ Locations
20+ Countries

Logo Spedition Amm
CargoVIS at Forwarder Amm

Bulky but elegant

Forwarder Amm relies on video surveillance with scanner locating, which also enables the subsequent volume calculation of individual shipments.

Logo Arvato | DIVIS-Kunde
ParcelVIS at Arvato

Safely documented transfer of risk for high quality goods

In order to clearly document the transfer of liability during the loading process and to reliably find any missing packages, the company decided on the ParcelVIS software from DIVIS.

DPD Lehrte | DIVIS Kunde
ParcelVIS at DPD in Lehrte

Eyes for every package

In February 2019, DPD in Lehrte ParcelVIS, our software for video-based parcel tracking, went into operation. Find out how this has further optimized the processes in this handling center.

Emons | DIVIS-Kunde
CargoVIS at Emons

Less search, more delivery

With the DIVIS solution for video surveillance in general cargo handling, the Emons Spedition GmbH is shortening the handling times of trucks in local transport.

Emons | DIVIS-Kunde
CargoVIS at Emons

Zero shipment loss, reliable proof of oversized shipment dimensions

The Cologne Emons location is now also using CargoVIS and has thus been able to reduce the already low package losses at the location to zero.

Finsterwalder Halle/Saale | DIVIS Kunde
CargoVIS at Finsterwalder

Everything under control, transparent processes

CargoLine system partner Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH had the video management software CargoVIS from DIVIS installed in the Halle/Saale branch. Here you will find the full user report.

Geis Global Logistics | DIVIS-Kunde
CargoVIS and ParcelVIS at Geis

Geis knows how and where

In the Czech central hub of Geis, a video surveillance solution from DIVIS monitors all goods movements in the parcel and general cargo area.

Anwenderbericht Koch International | CargoVIS
CargoVIS at Koch International

Another enthusiastic DIVIS video management customer

After very positive recommendations by CargoLine members, Koch International in Osnabrück now relies on the video management software CargoVIS from DIVIS.

Krüger Internationale Spedition | DIVIS-Kunde
CargoVIS at Krüger

CargoVIS in practice at Krüger in Göttingen

A total of four halls have been equipped with the CargoVIS system solution. As part of the project, 17 outdoor cameras and 25 indoor cameras (2MP and 4K technology) were installed.

Lagermax | DIVIS-Kunde | Videomanagement
ParcelVIS at Lagermax

Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH expands - ParcelVIS remains the first choice

Lagermax chose DIVIS again as a partner in the new depot because they were satisfied with the product in the past. Employees are familiar with the software and get along with the system very well.

Loxx Lagerlogistik GmbH | Case Study
CargoVIS at LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH

Precise locating via app eliminates transponder hardware

LOXX in Gelsenkirchen replaces transponder hardware with BLE app and relies on CargoVIS with tagless Bluetooth® Low Energy locating.

Redemann Spedition & Lagerung | DIVIS-Kunde
CargoVIS at Redemann

Noticeable effects in the hall

Redemann commissioned DIVIS to install and set up the CargoVIS video management system. The solution enables seamless tracking of shipments based on customer scan data.

Schmidt-Gevelsberg | DIVIS-Kunde
CargoVIS at Schmidt-Gevelsberg GmbH

Great appearance for small shipments

The most important goals of the logistics experts from Schwelm are, on the one hand, the streamlining of the processes in the hall and, on the other hand, theft deterrence.

Anwenderbericht Transland | Sendungsverfolgung in der Umschlagshalle
CargoVIS at Transland

Transland focuses on innovation

The DIVIS camera-based tracking system now provides well-trained Transland personnel with day-to-day support.

Logo trans-o-flex | DIVIS
ParcelVIS & CargoVIS at trans-o-flex Express GmbH

Safety in a panoramic view

In the trans-o-flex transshipment hub in Hamm, the ParcelVIS video solution ensures that shipment disruptions are resolved quickly. The search times could thus be reduced by 95 percent.

CargoVIS at H.Voigt GmbH & Co. KG

1,000 eyes see more

Together with DIVIS, solutions for general cargo handling, video surveillance in warehouse logistics and passenger access control have been developed.

Anwenderbericht Spedition Wackler | Videogestützte Warenlagerüberwachung
CargoVIS at Wackler

Complete overview

Wackler is convinced that the DIVIS solution proves its efficiency in daily use.

Logo Gebrüder Weiss | Videoüberwachung im Umschlagslager
CargoVIS at Gebrüder Weiss

Safe without searching

With video surveillance in the transshipment warehouse, Gebrüder Weiss speeds up the handling of outgoing goods and clarifies customer complaints, inventory differences and claims.

CargoVIS at Zufall in Göttingen

Consignment tracking with 4K camera technology

The indoor and outdoor areas of the ZUFALL headquarters in Göttingen have been equipped with CargoVIS and a total of more than 100 cameras.

Excerpt from our reference list

Arvato | DIVIS-Kunde
Trans-o-flex | DIVIS Kunde
DIVIS-Kunde Emons Spedition
Schmalz + Schön Logistics GmbH | DIVIS-Kunde
Logo Spedition Amm | DIVIS-Kunde
Zufall Logistics Group | DIVIS-Kunde
Geis Global Logistics | DIVIS-Kunde
Tchibo | DIVIS-Kunde
Krüger Internationale Spedition | DIVIS-Kunde



Van Duuren


"CargoVIS is working perfectly, everyone is used to it and we can’ t live without it anymore."




"CargoVIS is completely reliable, and because of its tracking capabilities the investment in TSB has paid for itself in less than a year by finding 'vanished' pallets and identifying sources of damage."


Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH & Co KG


"We have been using the ParcelVIS from DIVIS for 5 years and have never had any problems."


Herbert Voigt GmbH & Co. KG


"With DIVIS we have a competent partner who always has a solution for our individual ideas."




"The perfect solution even for heterogeneous handling areas - video surveillance at the package level by DIVIS."


Friedrich Zufall GmbH & Co. KG


"We are very satisfied with the system [... of DIVIS ...]."

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

Hendrik Reger
Managing Director

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