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ZUFALL in Göttingen opts for consignment tracking with 4K camera technology from DIVIS

Bordesholm, September 1, 2017

The ZUFALL logistics group is a member of the System Alliance and the CargoLine. The group moves almost 5 million shipments per year. At the head office in Göttingen, a solution was sought in early 2017 to further improve the quality assurance for the demanding order volumes.

The goal was the optimized service quality by continuous tracking of the packages passing through.

Here, CargoVIS, the research software for freight forwarders and warehouses from DIVIS, convinced.
The indoor and outdoor areas of the ZUFALL headquarters in Göttingen are now equipped with a total of more than 100 cameras, of which more than half are high-resolution 4K cameras, which together with CargoVIS and its plus functions ensure that the condition and the location of shipments can be tracked at any time with just a few clicks in real-time as well as retroactively.
The patented area navigation in CargoVIS allows fast, precise and reliable research without interrupting or interfering with the operational processes. The complete transport life cycle of a shipment can be found with the help of the package number.
This ensures even more transparent and faster communication with customers, reduces the loss rates and allows the large freight forwarder to raise his quality assurance to the next level.
At the beginning of August 2017, the video surveillance system was put into operation at ZUFALL. In Göttingen, the new solution receives very positive feedback in the first few weeks after commissioning.
Jürgen Meinshausen, Department Manager for Purchasing and Technology at ZUFALL summed up: "The installation went smoothly - thanks to the persons involved in your company. We are very satisfied with the system."
And Wolfgang Koch, Head of Production, adds: "The highest priority is to keep track of shipments. We are still planning to expand the new system in our branch. "
DIVIS will continue to accompany ZUFALL as a reliable partner during ongoing operations, with advice and support.


Zufall Logistics Group

Founded in 1928, the ZUFALL logistics group is a member of the logistics networks System Alliance and CargoLine, established across Europe and internationally, and is the umbrella company for over 20 branches and partner companies across Germany.
Every year, ZUFALL processes about 5 million items.
The logistics service provider employs around 2000 people and has its headquarters in Göttingen. In addition to the business areas of land transport Germany and Europe, air and sea freight, the logistics company also offers contract logistics in its portfolio.

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