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The DIVIS team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

Bordesholm, December 15, 2019

The year is coming to an end and 2020 is right around the corner. Time to pause and take a look at the world around us.

In our last newsletter, we reported on the positive developments and growth of DIVIS during this year. This growth also shows that our customers' businesses are doing well, and we look forward to working with you in 2020 continuing our path to success.

Using a portion of our proceeds for charitable purposes, and doing good deeds on your behalf, brings us joy year after year. The turn of the year is an appropriate time to share our growth with charitable organizations in our area and around the world, and to support them through donations and social engagement.

On behalf of the DIVIS team I wish you a Merry Christmas

Yours Thomas Kroll

- Managing director -

Thomas Kroll | DIVIS Geschäftsführer

We are committed to the following projects:

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Donations to the Christmas market in Bordesholm

Bordesholmer WeihnachtsmarktEvery year the Christmas market is held in Bordesholm with traditional stalls, musical entertainment and handicrafts from Bordeshom and the surrounding area. In addition, the organizers of the Christmas market collect donations in goods and money.

The donation pot is distributed as needed among various aid and community organisations. Last year, for example, the following organisations benefited: Lebenshilfe, Tafel Bordesholm, holiday reading club of the library Bordesholm, youth of the DRK Bordesholm and the community center. The renovation of the Bordesholmer vaulted cellar and the purchase of new market tents for the aging stalls could also be realized with the help of donations.

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The Lebenshilfe Bordesholm-Nortorf e. V.

Lebenshilfe Bordesholm

New on our list of donation recipients is the association Lebenshilfe Bordesholm-Nortorf e. V., which currently serves over 30 members between the ages of 18-63 years. Lebenshilfe supports people with disabilities and, with more than 250 events a year, offers numerous recreational activities for children, adolescents and adults - with and without disabilities.
Thus the association Lebenshilfe closes a gap, because these offers are often the only possibility for people with restrictions to take part in leisure activities in the community outside of the parents' home or the housing facility.

Whether gaming afternoons, swimming, sporting events, cinema, singing, cooking, making music, excursions or concerts, the extensive selection promotes creativity, cultural interest and interaction.
The association is mainly financed by voluntary donations from friends and supporters and relies on its diligent volunteers.

This year DIVIS has fulfilled the club a very special request. The Lebenshilfe wanted an entry level for the Lebenshilfe bus, which was costly but indispensable for the club. Safe steps on the vehicle are an important prerequisite if you want to provide people with disabilities with a barrier-free entry and exit. The transport vehicles of the Lebenshilfe are not only used for joint excursions, but also regularly used to pick up people for appointments or activities and to transport them back home. Safety is the number one issue, because most accidents happen when entering and exiting. For this reason, suitable boarding aids, such as the built-in level, are so important.

We are pleased that we have been able to help the association in this way and are planning on longterm support.
If you want to know more about the Lebenshilfe, you will find all information here:

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KGV Bordesholm (Bordesholmer Tafel)

Bordesholmer Tafel
The Bordesholmer Tafel, which has been founded in March 2009, collects groceries from regional grocery stores on a weekly basis to help singles (young and old), retirees, single parents, families with children, and in general socially and economically disadvantaged people.

Bordesholmer TafelThe organisation is financed exclusively by donations. All employees volunteer here without exception.

DIVIS has been donating to this charity, which regularly organises a very special event for Christmas - the wish trees, for some years now. A great opportunity to expand our commitment to people in need of help in our city. That's why we also participated in this special action.

In total, three Christmas trees are set up by the Bordesholmer Tafel, two for the wishes of the children and one tree for households without children. The trees are decorated with the wish lists of children and their families, for whom gifts and a big meal on the holidays are not self-evident. Donors can take one or more wish lists from the trees of the children, get the items that are on the wish list and wrap them in a gift pack. A number on the package ensures that the gifts reach the right recipients.

The tree for families without children is decorated with hearts. The donations work on the same principle. However, creativity of the donors is in demand here, because these packages are not put together following a wish list, but by the creativity of the donor and empathy for the families.

If you are looking for more information about the Bordesholmer Tafel, you will find it here:

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Friends of the Kindergarten Birkenweg Bordesholm e.V.

Förderverein Kindergarten Birkenweg

The development association of the Kindergarten Birkenweg Bordesholm e.V. was founded in April 2005 by mothers and fathers from the circle of parenting. The association supports the children and the kindergarten with financial acquisitions, cultural experiences and personal commitment to create a colorful, diverse and nature-loving environment.

As a family business, we are very interested in the offspring. Many of our employees come from the region and are particularly valuable to us. That's why we also like to work for the well-being and support of the little ones in our region.

More info: www.kitabirkenweg.de

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Association for the promotion of the Lindenschule Bordesholm e.V.

Lindenschule Bordesholm

The association financially supports the activities of the pupils of the Lindenschule. Our desire is to provide all children with the best possible help in their school development. For the children, the commitment should bring more joy in their everyday school life, the classrooms, the break areas and the play opportunities, so they feel at home around the Lindenschule!

More info: www.lindenschule.de

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Foundation children’s hospice Sternenbrücke

Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

Around 50,000 children, adolescents and young adults in Germany suffer from illnesses or disabilities that shorten their lives causing them to die at a very young age. To accompany them and their families on their difficult path, the Sternenbrücke children's hospice was opened in May 2003 as a pilot project for Northern Germany in Hamburg. It offers individually tailored care and childcare services to sick children, adolescents, young adults up to the age of 27 and their relatives for every segment of their difficult journey. In addition, relatives find emotional and practical support for the bereavement after the loss of the child.

The Sternenbrücke is financed to a large extent by donations and therefore relies on the financial support of third parties. That's why we are involved here too.

More info: www.sternenbruecke.de

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Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

Plan for the planet

Even before Greta Thunberg courageous young people have already made a strong commitment to our environment. At Plant-for-the-Planet, everything started with a school lecture. The result is a global movement with one major goal: to plant trees around the world to fight the climate crisis. The school initiative was founded in 2007 by the then 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner.

Sustainability is one of the fundamental values of our company. Unfortunately, in our field of activity, for example, we can’t operate without using cars and airplanes. But what we can do is to strike a balance. That's why we support the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to return what was lost to nature through our donation to planting trees. 

More info: www.plant-for-the-planet.org

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Project Matumaini - Good Hope e.V.


A trip of medical student Antonia Pelshenke from Kiel to Tanzania in 2009 during the following years developed into a full-fledged aid project for orphans in Tanzania.


During her volunteer work in a small village at the foot of Mount Meru in the Good Hope Childrens Home grew the desire to continuously finance school attendance for as many children as possible through her personal commitment on-site and by founding a donation initiative. The goal: to offer long-term perspectives through a school or craft training.

2017 the initiative turned into the non-profit association "Matumaini-Good Hope e.V."
Currently, 14 children are supported in a boarding school near the orphanage at the foot of Mount Meru during their school education.

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Future for Lola's children e.V.

Lolas Kinder

Together with the Sisters of the Order "Missionary Daughters of Calvary", the small non-profit association is supporting orphans in Zimbabwe with the aim of preparing children for their own future in the best possible way through donations in numerous projects.

Why help is needed so badly right now:

Zimbabwe is rated a hyperinflationary country and is currently experiencing one of the worst economic crises in its recent history. There is also a long-lasting drought. The widest waterfall in the world, called Victoria Falls, is currently dehydrated. Only a little more than a third of the water is still there and the country is facing a hunger crisis.

Projects of the organisation

Orphanage Project

Lolas Kinder

The orphanage project consists of sponsorships. Two other projects, the "Chicken Project" and the "Vegetable Garden", are part of it and serve as an aid to self-help. The chicken project is currently lagging behind: Inflation has made food so expensive that no one can afford to buy and maintain chickens.

Tuition Fee Project (in Northwestern Zimbabwe)

Lolas Kinder

More than 300 children (orphans and half-orphans) receive support in financing the school fees. The costs are not fully covered, partly because it is important for the association that the financing of education is valued. Therefore, the relatives of the children (or aunts or uncle, who take the children after the loss of the parents) should carry a small part themselves.

To determine the children who need financial help, the sisters personally visit the schools and learn directly from the teachers or priests where help is needed. Especially the Christmas season is a critical time for donations and subsidies. During this time, it is important to ensure that in the new year donations continue to flow, so that the support can be continued.

Eyewear project

Lolas Kinder

A particularly ambitious project is the eyewear project. Several years ago, a container as well as its transport to Zimbabwe has been donated to the organisation. This container was packed in Germany with a lot of things that are urgently needed in the region. In addition, it contained a complete eyewear workshop.

Directly in Zimbabwe, five of the sisters received training in the optician's craft and are now able to manufacture glasses. The goal is to produce glasses in the small workshop on-site for free for people in need and glasses for sale, in addition to the donations in order to generate an additional source of income to finance the work of about 80 sisters and all projects.

Unfortunately, the start of the eyewear workshop proves to be very difficult despite the above preparations, as the local authorities have stringent requirements and set conditions for operation. The workshop is now undergoing approval for the second time. One can only hope that local politics will acknowledge the efforts and help the project start as soon as possible.

Children Infirmary

Like the eyewear workshop, the station is a new project that is about to be completed. It is being built in a very remote and poor region to provide for children.

More info: www.lolas-kinder.de


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