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Years of experience and
an innovative team are
our key to success

Deutsche Industrie Video System GmbH (DIVIS) is an owner-managed, medium-sized company based in Bordesholm. We develop and distribute turnkey system solutions for visual consignment tracking in freight forwarding and parcel handling as well as warehouse logistics throughout Europe. Our special logistics video solutions offer transparency and help to make logistical processes more efficient.

Companies at over 650 locations in more than 22 European countries rely on our long-standing experience.

From medium-sized businesses to corporate groups - the intelligent systems are tailored exactly to the customer's needs. We offer consulting, individual solution development and smooth project implementation. An efficient service guarantees sustainable success.

With more than 20 years of experience, our company stands for sustainability, partnership and high reliability.

What makes us strong

Our values


We treat each other with respect, recognise achievements and take personal goals into account.


We strive for long-term relationships, question things and continuously evolve.


We stand by our statements and keep our word, take responsibility for our actions and communicate openly.


We practice fairness, work-life balance and are aware of our duty to take care of our employees as an employer.


We shape our own future and maintain our financial independence.

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What motivates us

Our guiding principle

"Healthy growth with enthusiastic stakeholders"

Our corporate mission statement summarises briefly and concisely how DIVIS wants to develop and in which direction. It serves as orientation, sets the path and was formulated in such a way that four parameters can be isolated, by which the actions can and should be made measurable.


We want to grow sustainably and at a healthy pace. This implies creating structures in interaction with our values that provide a solid foundation for further growth.


Growth means not only expansion, but also continuous change and adaptation to new circumstances. We see this growth as an opportunity for the entire company.


Enthusiasm is our key to success, because it motivates us and is our driving force to successfully follow the path towards the future.


In our journey with DIVIS, we involve everyone who is affected in some way by the actions of DIVIS. Stakeholders are, for example, all DIVIS employees, their families, customers, suppliers, partners or even the communities and funding entities.

The way we see things

Our philosophies

We act with foresight, appreciation and respect. We focus on thoughtfulness and personal responsibility and are committed to society.

We set an example and live what we say. Our actions are fair and characterised by clarity and transparency. To achieve our goals, we strive for long-term relationships with employees, customers and partners, giving freedom and trust.

The needs of the customer are at the centre of everything we do. We deliver the best possible quality and provide clarity about processes.

Our products are intuitive to use. Our systems are modular, simple and intelligent. We ensure a fast amortisation of our solutions and guarantee high system availability. We incorporate customer experience and feedback into product development.

We strive for joint success and are experts with strong advisory skills. We help quickly and purposefully. Our solutions are tailor-made and flexible.

We have common sales goals and are qualified in statement, planning and offer. We advise comprehensively, clearly and honestly.

We are financially independent, grow organically and follow the stakeholder value principle.

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