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Create, view and edit markers in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS

Learn how to set markers in the live view of CargoVIS and ParcelVIS to quickly find specific sequences in a video clip.

Shipment research in CargoVIS & ParcelVIS: Comparison of current camera images

Tip of the Month: Both CargoVIS and ParcelVIS offer the possibility to compare older and current camera images of the same area.
DIVIS Tip of the month

Export of consignment research results in CargoVIS & ParcelVIS: Splitting of long video sequences

CargoVIS & ParcelVIS provide several ways to edit the video footage so you can export exactly the parts that you really need. For example, a sequence can be trimmed before export by splitting. We will explain this feature today.

Video management software: Export video sequences in CargoVIS & ParcelVIS – detail view

In the last tip of the month, we showed you how to export search results in our video management software. Today we deepen the topic and explain how you can edit individual video sequences in the detail view.

CargoVIS & ParcelVIS: Evaluate and export search results

The CargoVIS and ParcelVIS software offers a powerful export function for the export of search results, which we explain to you in this tip of the month.

Artificial intelligence in logistics applications – future fantasy or already a reality?

Artificial intelligence can be very helpful in software and can analyze and visualize relationships that humans would not be able to grasp without these procedures. Today, almost every software uses some form of artificial intelligence. The differences are in the details.
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