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DIVIS Tip of the month

License plate research in License Plate+

The recently available software version 1.7.0 contains, among other things, some useful innovations for license plate research in our software module License Plate+ for automatic license plate recognition. Find out more in this tip of the month.

Brightness and contrast controls in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS

With the release of the new software version 1.7.0 of CargoVIS and ParcelVIS, the brightness and contrast controls are optionally available again and can be displayed as required. Today we explain how it works.
Thumb editing in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS version 1.7.0 | DIVIS

Thumb editing in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS version 1.7.0

With the release of our software version 1.7.0, some optimisations for thumb editing in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS have been published, which can save you valuable time when exporting recorded image material. Find out more details here.
DIVIS Tip of the month

Company letters in ParcelVIS & CargoVIS version 1.7.0

With the update to version 1.7.0, we have integrated optimisations in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS that further simplify the creation of company letters. Find out more today about the changes and additional options available to you when writing letters.
Release Note 1.7.0 | DIVIS

New features in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS version 1.7.0

With this release note we inform you about the updates in the latest versions of our software CargoVIS and ParcelVIS. The releases of version 1.7.0 are available to our customers as of now.
DIVIS Tip of the month

Sequencer lists and guard tours in ParcelVIS and CargoVIS

In our tip of the month you will learn more about the options for classic live video surveillance in our software. We explain how you can set up sequencers and guard tours.

Options for parcel research in ParcelVIS with and without parcel number

In the tip of the month, users of our software will again find helpful operating instructions. Today we are talking about the options in ParcelVIS for parcel research with or without a known parcel number.

Search for shipment numbers with wildcard (placeholder)

You are looking for a shipment, but you only know a few digits of the package number. CargoVIS and ParcelVIS, our powerful software packages for researching shipments in transshipment centres or in the parcel depot, can also provide results in this case.
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