Product Tips

Tips & Tricks for using our products

Create and manage extended individual live views in CargoVIS (for video research in logistics)

In this tip of the month, you will learn how to create advanced individual views of up to 25 images in CargoVIS using the Views Designer.

Fully automatic license plate recognition – every license plate in sight!

Automatic license plate recognition offers a number of advantages and helps logistics companies to specifically control and optimize processes in yard and access management.

Thermal cameras with alarm function – optimal protection for your premises

Thermal imagers simplify the video surveillance of extensive premises and the security of fence installations and critical infrastructures. Therefore, our Plus+ function Motion Alarm+ for CargoVIS has recently been expanded to include thermal imaging technology.

Create and manage individual live views in the CargoVIS video surveillance software

CargoVIS offers the option to create individual views in addition to area-related live views from the search of connected areas, and then to edit, export or import previously created views. More in our tip of the month.

Full-screen view in CargoVIS video management software

In the live view of CargoVIS it is possible to display any live cameras in full-screen view without menu bar and controls in a separate window on the monitor. Learn more here.

Parcel research in the depot – “Quick Trim” in ParcelVIS

For smaller time adjustments to video recordings of shipments that you can already clearly identify in the preview images, you do not need to fetch those sequences into the video editing area. Thanks to the "Quick Trim" function in ParcelVIS, you can also edit them directly in the preview of the filmstrip.