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Customer benefit

Our vision

Support logistics companies
as a preferred partner
worldwide to achieve a
perfect logistics service.


Customer benefit

Optimised service quality and faster processes in warehouses and depots thanks to transparent flow of goods

Perfect logistics - today above all that means cost efficiency, flexibility and reliability. That is why many logistics companies rely on the most modern technologies available along the supply chain in order to secure their front positions in the transport market. In the area of intralogistics in particular, there is often still untapped potential. The seamless shipment tracking in the transshipment warehouse and parcel depot is one of the most important building blocks for strong customer loyalty and strategies to win new customers.


DIVIS solutions support logistics companies around the world in achieving their perfect logistics service. Based on our decades of specialisation in the field of logistics and our extensive experience with the pain points and wishes of our customers, our products and concepts have matured into the perfect answer to today's high demands.

The functionality of our solutions can be flexibly tailored to a wide variety of applications. In this way, you always receive a solution that precisely fits your individual situation, which relieves your logistics in many areas and is already equipped for the requirements of tomorrow.

W. Ahlbeck | CEO trans-o-flex

The benefits of a DIVIS solution from the perspective of a CEP CEO

"The lowest claims and loss rates have been a unique selling point of trans-o-flex for decades.
The DIVIS video system supports us in this.
We will be able to guarantee the highest possible standards for a secure logistics infrastructure and a secure supply chain in the future too."

Numerous advantages for service quality and productivity of your company

DIVIS video management solutions for shipment tracking significantly increase customer excellence and service quality through the seamless recording of the goods entrusted to you in your company.

The continuous flow of data provides logisticians with all the information that is essential for clear information to customers, branches and partners, as well as fast delivery. In addition, our software also provides answers to cost-relevant questions, such as the cause or time of damage or the question of liability in the event of a loss of a shipment.

The seamless tracking gives you comprehensive transparency, your processes become clearer and traceable at all times. This improves communication and ensures more security, reduces errors, incorrect planning and wastage and thus ensures cost savings and increased productivity.

Our solutions support you by increasing the quality of your own logistical services to position yourself much more strongly in the overall market, to strategically win important new customers and to position yourself in a future-proof manner.

What we bring to the table

Active in the logistics market since 2002

and grown organically and financially independent over the years.


DIVIS is an owner-managed company;
corporate succession is guaranteed with us.


With a digitization project, we have adapted technically and formally to the future challenges.


DIVIS is represented at over 500 locations in 21 European countries and has an extensive service network.

Logistics specialisation

With our video solutions, we specialise exclusively in the logistics sector.

In-house development

We concentrate our core competencies in software development in-house. This enables us to quickly implement individual customer requests.

Comprehensive solutions

We deliver all services and components from a single source and act as a general contractor for the video sector.

Direct communication channels

Fixed contact persons who are available at any time for questions and who respond very flexibly to individual needs.

Create advantages with DIVIS

for all departments of your company

  • Significant increase in customer excellence
  • Sustainable increase in quality in the corporate group
  • Improvement of the company's key figures
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Significantly stronger positioning in the overall market and secured competitiveness
  • Strategic acquisition of new customers
  • Direct entry into the package research by entering scan data - no package is lost
  • Fast package search through intelligent movement analysis
  • Accelerated processes during export of images and videos (blackened/ pixelated)
  • Easy billing by creating a company letter directly from the software
  • Very easy and intuitive operation of the software
  • Resolving the pain points during research
  • Easy transmission of scan data
  • The interface is GDPR-compliant - there is no sniffing of data
  • Ensuring that the camera network is operated independently from the operational customer network
  • All interfaces are coordinated and prepared for upscaling into the corporate group
  • Of course, DIVIS and the DIVIS solutions are GDPR compliant
  • The software solutions include a complete user rights management
  • Writing of log files ensures that the software is only used for internal purposes
  • DIVIS has a high level of expertise in the cooperation with work councils (support in creating a General works agreement)
  • Delivery of a stable video management solution - high detection rate during research
  • Flexible coverage of the locations possible depending on specifications
  • Compliance with high national and international safety standards (e.g. TAPA / AEO / SAFE)
  • Lowered loss rate
  • Discovery of inventory damage indoors and outdoors
  • Organized crime uncovered very quickly
  • Fixed DIVIS contacts for the entire project cycle, responding very flexibly to individual needs
  • Competent contacts in all departments
  • Project implementation is defined jointly
  • Excellent project management based on years of experience
  • Smooth implementation of solutions during running operations

Our Software Solutions


Find palletised shipments quickly with CargoVIS

With our video management software for cargo handling, CargoVIS, we offer you a comprehensive and easy-to-use system solution for the image-controlled investigation and tracking of palletised goods.

ParcelVIS for cross docking & CEP providers

Save time and money and let ParcelVIS work effectively for you with image-based consignment investigation in the transshipment warehouse: Entering the parcel label number is your key to all information on the whereabouts and status of a consignment during all scanned events. 

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