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DIVIS Newsletter: Camera surveillance in the warehouse

User feedback: Camera surveillance in the warehouse with CargoVIS, Tip of the Month and DIVIS quality management

Learn more about the first hand experience of real users in our report on the use of CargoVIS at Krüger in Göttingen. Read about our patented area navigation for fast shipment tracking in the tip of the month and meet our quality management.
Newsletter - Video-based research by DIVIS in the warehouse

Fast, video-assisted research with Motion+, retrospective Kieler Daag, our team marketing

In this newsletter you will learn more about the fast research with Motion+ in case of damage to consignments, we look back on our customer event, the Kieler Daag and introduce you to the colleagues from our marketing team. Enjoy reading!
DIVIS customer event and innovation workshop

Customer event with workshop on the high seas

DIVIS' first "Kieler Daag" event attracted 20 customers, who developed ideas and first concrete approaches to optimize video surveillance in logistics in an innovation workshop.
Agile Software development | Product development | DIVIS Tip

Agile workflow at DIVIS, our product development team and tip of the month

In this newsletter we present our team and the agile workflow in the area of product development. Learn more about the meaning and use of log files in our video surveillance software in the tip of the month.
GDPR - New Data Protection Regulations | Templates from DIVIS

GDPR, new website, Panasonic 360°-4K camera, our colleagues in product management

On May 25, the DSGVO becomes effective and with it numerous new requirements for companies. We've put together some interesting information and provide you with free, compliant templates. That and more in this newsletter issue ...

Review of LogiMAT 2018, Tip of the Month and our purchasing team

The LogiMAT was once again a very pleasant event with a lot of positive feedback for our colleagues on-site. Our Managing Director, Thomas Kroll, briefly summarizes the events in this issue for you. The next event is just around the corner ...