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June 8 2021

License plate research with License Plate+ and more

Find out more today about entry and exit control with the License Plate+ module in our video management software. In the tip of the month we offer helpful information on the optimised license plate research in the new software version 1.7.0. And we introduce our new colleague in assembly and launching, David Washington.

June 8 2021

License plate recognition with License Plate+

License Plate+ for license plate recognition with automatic barrier control enables more efficient processing at the entrance. In this way, procedures can be automated, employees can be relieved and entry and exit can be accelerated even at peak times. Find out more about our Plus+ function.

May 8 2021

DIVIS expands product portfolio with tagless Bluetooth Low Energy localisation

With our software module Location+ we now also offer Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) localisation. This means that, in addition to Ultra-wideband (UWB), DIVIS customers get another optional choice for locating scanners and means of transport in the logistics hall.

May 3 2021

Video interview, tip of the month, employee introduction

Meet our new Chief Sales Officer in a video interview. We also have a new employee in our service office at DIVIS. Also, we would like to draw your attention once again to our helpful software tips.
DIVIS Newsletter 02-2021

February 6 2021

New Chief of Sales at DIVIS and user tips for our software

Meet our new Chief of Sales and new member of the management, Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt. In addition: It is now even easier to create company letters in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS.
Justus Klüver Schlotfeldt | DIVIS

February 4 2021

Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt: Chief Sales Officer and board member since February 2021

Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt is the new Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Board at DIVIS since February 1, 2021 – Welcome!
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