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Sustainability & Ecological Commitment


Sustainability & Ecological Commitment

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

We take responsibility for the environment and climate

For us, being part of a society means taking responsibility, especially with regard to our environment. We want to live up to this responsibility with our corporate actions. DIVIS stands for value-oriented action and sustainability in every area. This applies both to the solutions that we develop for our customers and beyond.

This includes the following commitment:

  • Icon Umweltschutz

    Climate protection projects

    As an environmentally conscious company, we are aware of our ecological responsibility. That is why we make our contribution to environmental and climate protection. Thus we support, for example, the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation with a donation year after year to compensate for our CO2 emissions by planting trees.

  • Icon Grüne Energie

    Green electricity generation

    50% of DIVIS' own energy consumption is covered by a solar power system on the roof of the DIVIS premises in Bordesholm. The system installed in 2013 has a capacity of 54.6 kWp (kilowatt peak).
    Example: Of a total of 46,817 kWh of solar electricity generated in 2017, 46% were used by DIVIS during operation and the surplus was fed into the public grid. In this way, we contribute to the energy transition - away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable energy supply.

  • Icon Mülltrennung

    Waste disposal

    The Commercial Waste Ordinance mandates a strict separation requirement. The regulation is also intended to strengthen recycling. That is why DIVIS has trash cans for residual waste and paper at every work station. In addition, the buckets in our kitchen and the external containers are equipped with appropriate stickers that illustrate which waste should be disposed of and where.

  • Icon Umweltbewusstsein

    Handling of resources

    The company provides drinks for the employees (coffee, tea, water and juices). In order to protect the environment, water is not purchased in plastic bottles. Instead a sustainable alternative is used - a water dispenser with a direct connection to city water. Reusable glass bottles are used for the water.
    In addition to saving plastic, this also saves additional trips to get beverages. A fully automatic coffee machine is available for the coffee drinks, so capsules can be avoided. No paper or plastic cups are in use. Juices are kept in glass bottles.
    DIVIS also supports the consumption of products from the region. For example, the milk for the coffee beverages is purchased from the Schleswig-Holstein region.

  • Icon Digitales Arbeiten

    Sustainable way of working

    Our business correspondence is almost paperless by completely relying on the electronic way of communication. Nature also has priority when it comes to sending Christmas cards, trade fair invitations and newsletters. In order to do something good for our environment, we meanwhile skip the use of paper entirely and transmit everything in digital form.
    In our bookkeeping we work with Lexware and Datev. All booking documents are processed exclusively online and pay slips are made available to our employees digitally.

  • Icon Grüne Logistik

    Green Logistics

    Value-based action and sustainability also apply to the solutions we develop for our customers. They not only help our customers optimize their logistical processes, they also make a meaningful contribution to environmental and climate protection. For example, our software module Gate+ for gate and door status analysis provides an immediate overview of all gate and door statuses. In the case of heated logistics halls in winter as well as in cold storage halls in summer, unwanted heat or cold losses can be detected using Gate+. This way, logistics processes can be designed in a more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and thus also more cost-efficient manner.





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Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

Hendrik Reger
Managing Director

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