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Bordesholm, April 4, 2020

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

Today we have some new information about the adjusted processes in the DIVIS support and service for you. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support during this time to ensure that your processes run smoothly. More about our measures in this issue.

Find out in the tip of the month how you can quickly and precisely start your parcel research by choosing from the list of all scan events.

Or use the time to browse our homepage again. We have implemented some new content for you there.

Last but not least, meet our youngest team member, Timo Hermann in the project coordination.

We hope you enjoy reading.

On behalf of the DIVIS team

Yours, Hendrik Reger

- Head of Sales -

The topics of this issue


We are at your side also in these times of crisis

The effects of Corona COVID-19 concern all of us and have spread to every corner of our lives. It is all the more important now that logistical processes can be maintained. Just like certain areas in production, logistics is essential right now to ensure the supply of medical facilities and the population especially during this difficult time.
As a supplier and service provider for logistics companies, it is our aim to assist you as usual so that your business can continue running as smoothly as possible.

As already reported on March 18, 2020, at DIVIS we made sure to keep our operations up and running and not to stop them. In the current situation we are also facing challenges that we have to adapt to. This also includes strict compliance with official requirements.

As part of the mandated "Social Distancing", we have meanwhile switched our entire office to work from the home office.

We have implemented regulations and measures for our field service and project implementation, enabling our colleagues to work again within Germany to a limited extent.


Tips for quick parcel research in ParcelVIS: direct selection of scan events

The ParcelVIS software supports you in the search for packages in the parcel depot and offers you a range of settings and options for a particularly quick and time-saving research.

Find out today how you can quickly and precisely start your parcel research by choosing from the list of all scan events.


New content on our homepage

Our standpoint as a sustainable company is not only expressed in our product design. This philosophy runs through everything we do, regardless of whether it is humanity or the climate.

Our homepage,, is the platform on the Internet, on which you will not only find a lot of information about our products, but also a lot about our other activities.

Recently, some content has been added, which we would like to briefly point you at today:

Helpful tips for users of ParcelVIS and CargoVIS

In our software tips, users will find tips and tricks on how to use additional functions that they may not be using so far or have not used to the full extent yet, and can thus make their work with our software even more effective.

Take a look at our

User scenarios (case studies)

This section is regularly expanded with reports on the experiences of DIVIS customers with our products in practice. Depending on how often you visit this area on our website, you may find some new reports here.

Social and ecological engagement

We are committed to various charitable projects and the environment, which we present to you at

At the same time, we also care about sustainable action within our company.
You can find out what we do in the “About us” section under the item

Of course, we cordially invite you to look around as desired under the other menu items on our website. And should you have any questions, you can easily contact us using our contact form.


Our latest addition to the team: Timo Hermann in project coordination

Timo Hermann is a trained forwarding agent who likes to tinker with electronic equipment in his free time. Since March 2, 2020 he is working in the project coordination at DIVIS.

For this, Timo is qualified by extensive professional experience in this area. The stages of a video track and trace project, from sales to technical development, planning and assembly to the final acceptance by the customer, are familiar terrain for him.

Timo prefers a well-structured way of working and likes to learn new things.
He sees his flexibility as one of his greatest strengths.

His motto is accordingly: "Changing your own opinion sometimes takes more courage than sticking to your own view."

See you next time!

These were the latest news from DIVIS. We'll get back to you soon with more news.
For suggestions or comments on our newsletter, feel free to get in touch with us.

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We have answers!

Phone: +49  (0)4322 88 66-10
Fax: +49  (0)4322 88 66-77

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