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GDPR - New Data Protection Regulations | Templates from DIVIS

GDPR expands information requirement for video surveillance in non-public areas

In addition to many other requirements, various additional regulations on the "information requirement" will become effective for companies with video surveillance in use from May 25, 2018. We tell you the details, and we also hold free compliant templates ready for you ...
Im Vergleich: CCTV Videoüberwachung vs. Video&Scan von DIVIS

Comparison CCTV Video Surveillance – Video & Scan by DIVIS

DIVIS makes the difference: In this article, you'll learn more about the difference between traditional CCTV video surveillance and DIVIS video & scan solutions ...

DIVIS closes another gap in seamless delivery tracking

With Scale+, CargoVIS II now offers not only another function to save time and money. The new module also supports your quality assurance and customer service. At the same time, it is noticeably improving the situation when it comes to recourse claims.
Photovoltaic at DIVIS | Videosystems for Logistics

Green power: Photovoltaic system on the roof of the DIVIS headquarters

DIVIS stands for value-driven business actions and sustainability in every sense. That is true for the solutions we develop for our customers, and beyond. This includes the solar power system on the roof of the DIVIS premises in Bordesholm ...

ZUFALL in Göttingen opts for consignment tracking with 4K camera technology from DIVIS

The ZUFALL logistics group is a member of the System Alliance and the CargoLine. The group moves almost 5 million shipments per year. At the head office in Göttingen, a solution was sought in early 2017 to further improve the quality assurance for the demanding order volumes ...

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