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October 25 2021

Security video surveillance vs. logistics video solution

Security video surveillance and logistics video solutions use cameras and video recordings. Nevertheless, both applications are based on divergent concepts for different user groups. In this article, we highlight the differences as well as features shared by both solutions.

August 1 2021

The right video system for logistics

Our guideline helps you to find the right video system for your logistics hall in five steps: Define goals, set the desired range of features, compare solutions, observe data protection, plan implementation. With the help of our article, you can ask the right questions and our checklist makes comparing easier.
Einzelne Videobilder aus CargoVIS auf beliebigen Geräten anzeigen mit Picture+

July 6 2021

Colourful oversight for your TMS with Picture+

With the add-on module Picture+, individual still images from CargoVIS can be made available company-wide on various devices and in some applications even automatically.

June 8 2021

License plate recognition with License Plate+

License Plate+ for license plate recognition with automatic barrier control enables more efficient processing at the entrance. In this way, procedures can be automated, employees can be relieved and entry and exit can be accelerated even at peak times. Find out more about our Plus+ function.

May 25 2021

DIVIS relies on tagless BLE location technology from Quuppa

We have recently welcomed a new cooperation partner, Quuppa. By this we are setting new standards. In addition to UWB (= Ultra Wideband), DIVIS now also offers the tagless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location from Quuppa, state-of-the-art technology for scanner location with Location+, which does not require tags.

May 8 2021

DIVIS expands product portfolio with tagless Bluetooth Low Energy localisation

With our software module Location+ we now also offer Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) localisation. This means that, in addition to Ultra-wideband (UWB), DIVIS customers get another optional choice for locating scanners and means of transport in the logistics hall.
DIVIS is Hanwha Diamond Partner

February 17 2021

DIVIS is Hanwha Diamond Partner

We are Hanwha Diamond Partner and for good reason. Both companies hold up to the same standards on product quality and innovation, so the DIVIS software and the Hanwha equipment complement each other perfectly.

October 1 2020

Corona pandemic promotes digitisation among transport service providers

The corona crisis is further increasing the existing pressure on logistics service providers. But in the crisis there lies also an opportunity to focus on the future, digitisation and innovation. We report on challenges and possible solutions.
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