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News Archive 2020

December 12 2020

Christmas greeting – DIVIS wishes you Happy Holidays

Our managing director, Hendrik Reger, personally speaks to you in our Christmas video. We report on the non-profit organizations that we are supporting with donations again this year. The DIVIS team wishes you a Merry Christmas as well as a good and healthy start into the year 2021!
DIVIS Tip of the month

December 1 2020

DIVIS review of 2020 and our tip of the month

In today's edition we look back at the developments at DIVIS in 2020. Expansion of the management, new customers, more employees - DIVIS continues to position itself appropriately to be at your side at all times as a strong, efficient partner and to relieve your day-to-day logistics. In the tip of the month we explain this time how you can create sequencers and guard tours for live video surveillance with our software.
DIVIS November Newsletter

November 1 2020

Why logisticians rely on DIVIS solutions and our user tips

What drives us, why you can trust DIVIS and how you benefit from a video solution from DIVIS, we have compiled for you in the new content under the title "Customer Benefit" on our homepage. And in the tip of the month you can find out more about the options in the ParcelVIS software for parcel research with or without a known parcel number.
DIVIS Tip of the month

October 4 2020

New opportunities in the Corona crisis and wildcard search in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS

In this edition we report on the challenges and opportunities the logistics industry is currently facing and take a look at future developments. In the tip of the month we present the consignment research in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS with wildcards.

August 29 2020

Enthusiastic customers and sharing of video data with VISPlayer

In today's newsletter we report about our customer Emons and their enthusiasm for CargoVIS, and explain everything about the forwarding of video data including the VISPlayer to others in the tip of the month.
DIVIS Newsletter

July 30 2020

Green logistics and operation of the VISPlayer

In today's user report, news article and tip of the month you can find out more about process optimisation and sustainable management with software and solutions from DIVIS.
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