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Export of video data and forwarding to third parties for playback with the VISPlayer

Bordesholm, August 29, 2020

Video material of an unloading recorded with our video management software clearly proves if a shipment was damaged or incomplete before it arrived at your warehouse.
In order to settle a dispute about the shipment in question, you would like to export the video material and forward it to the commissioning branch and a lawyer.

In CargoVIS and ParcelVIS various options for file export are available. The sequence could be exported as an AVI file that can be played on various players. Compared to AVI, the PTD2 format, which is also available, offers a number of important advantages, on the one hand regarding playback, but also in terms of manipulation and evidence preservation of the file. The PTD2 should therefore be preferred to the AVI format, especially when a high level of evidence preservation is required.

The PTD2 format can only be played with the VISPlayer developed by DIVIS.
In this tip of the month we show you what to consider when exporting video material from our software for playback with the VISPlayer by third parties.

File export

The following steps must be observed when exporting files for the VISPlayer for playback by third parties:


Fig.: Export dialogue for export of the video sequence as PTD2

When the video material is exported, the VISPlayer must be included in the export directory. To do this, check the box next to "Copy VISPlayer to export directory" in the export dialog. Now the folder with the VISPlayer will be exported together with the file. This step is important so that the party you are forwarding your video to will be able to play the file later.

In the export dialog you can also specify where your file should be saved, for example on a USB stick. 


Fig.: Folder content of the file exported in PTD2 format including VISPlayer data

Playback of the video data by third parties in the VISPlayer

You can now forward your exported video sequence with the VISPlayer folder to the desired party.


In order to be able to run the VISPlayer and play the data, the recipient's system must meet certain requirements:

  • An office computer with Microsoft Windows, at least Windows XP, must be available
  • Microsoft.NET Framework Version 4.0 or higher must be activated on the computer

In order to be able to play the PTD2 file, the VISPlayer folder must first be opened and the VISPlayer.exe file must be executed with a double click.


Fig.: Sample content of the VISPlayer folder


Fig.: The VISPlayer.exe file must be executed with a double click

After opening the VISPlayer, the exported video sequence must be opened under "File" with "Open file". In the "Open dialog", select the exported video sequence (file with the ending .PTD2 at the end) from the directory. Alternatively the PTD2 file can also be dragged and dropped onto the VISPlayer.

*NOTES to activate the Microsoft .NET Framework

If your PC is not equipped with at least this version, the VISPlayer cannot be executed. In this case, you must first activate the appropriate .NET version on your PC.

To do this, enter "Turn Windows features on or off" in the search field on the taskbar (to the right of the Windows symbol) and select this application in the results dialog to open it. In the dialog window for activating and deactivating Windows features, check ".NET Framework 4.X" (in the example .NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services) to activate the application. Confirm your entry with "Ok" and then carry out the steps mentioned below to open the VISPlayer and the PTD2 video file.


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