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Case Study

CargoVIS in general cargo handling

at Emons Spedition GmbH

Emons | DIVIS-Kunde

"The project ran very smoothly from the first
preliminary discussions to installation during
ongoing operations, which was mainly due to
the good coordination and exemplary

Willi Emons
Co-partner Emons Spedition GmbH

August 24, 2020

Emons Spedition GmbH

Less search, more delivery

With CargoVIS, Emons Spedition GmbH has replaced an old video surveillance system and thus significantly shortened the handling times of trucks in local traffic. The newly installed solution also serves to improve quality and accelerate claims processing.

Every minute counts in general cargo handling. The faster the early morning loading is completed, the more time there is for deliveries. An accelerated process can decide about one or two additional unloading points and the entire daily balance.

Against this background, Emons Spedition GmbH has optimised its truck handling at the Großbeeren location in several steps: One of the sustainable measures in 2019 included the introduction of the intelligent video management software CargoVIS from DIVIS, which replaced an eight-year-old system from another provider.


Positive impact

The decision in favor of DIVIS was based on the recommendation of the Emons branch in Glauchau. "The colleagues had already used CargoVIS and were enthusiastic about the quality, reliability and the positive effects on day-to-day business", remembers co-partner Willi Emons, who also heads the Berlin branch in Großbeeren.

The positive effects on day-to-day business were also evident in Großbeeren: “Today, our drivers only need around 90 minutes to prepare their tours. This value used to be almost twice as high”, reports Willi Emons. Significant time savings have been achieved primarily through the significantly reduced search times for individual programs.

Used around 100 times a day

"With 900 to 1,000 shipments per day and around 80 drivers, there are naturally some parcels and pallets that are not in the intended location or are simply overlooked," explains forwarding manager Michael Nätsch. In such cases, it is often sufficient to enter the consignment number at one of the three driver terminals that Emons has installed in the transshipment halls. Even though the truckers do not get access to CargoVIS there, they still get a detailed description of the storage location. "If that is not enough, they can contact their colleagues in truck handling, who can then quickly pull a razor-sharp photo of the missing pallet with the help of CargoVIS and the shipment number," Nätsch describes the search process that usually repeats around 100 times every morning. The driver's satisfaction has improved noticeably as a result.

The successful research is based on 85 cameras that DIVIS installed inside and outside the shipping company. Each camera produces images around the clock and sends them to a local database. The information is evaluated and structured by the intuitive CargoVIS system solution.


Success rate at over 99 percent

In the transshipment hall, the long-life cameras are always assigned to the hall scanners that are currently in the field of vision of the high-resolution optics. Each barcode scan or each shipment number is linked in this way with current video recordings of the goods. The connection between scanner and camera is established by scanning a barcode installed in the respective hall area. The employee only needs to perform this action once at the beginning of his work in the work area. Then all scanned shipments are automatically assigned to the relevant camera. "With CargoVIS, over 99 percent of all shipments can be found quickly", Nätsch is convinced. In his opinion, there could be no absolute security due to external circumstances. He is thinking, for example, of the theoretical case that a pallet is delivered without a barcode and this deficiency is not rectified immediately.

„With CargoVIS, over 99 percent of all shipments can be found quickly.“

Michael Nätsch
Forwarding Manager Emons Spedition GmbH

In addition to the quick location of shipments, CargoVIS also simplifies claims processing. "CargoVIS provides us with high-resolution images on which details can also be recognized", emphasizes Nätsch. This can be used to prove, for example, that a consignment complained about was already damaged when it was received or that it left the warehouse in perfect condition. With 26 installed cameras, CargoVIS also does valuable work in the outdoor area of the logistics facility: For example, it can quickly be clarified "whether and how a truck was hit by another vehicle". Another positive effect of the clearly visible mounted cameras is the deterrence associated with them. Potential burglars or diesel thieves would "immediately recognize that the risk of later identification is far too great at our location".

Simple evidence

In order to further increase the benefit of the intelligent solution, Emons installed the additional modules Load+ to optimise loading activities and route planning, as well as Scale+ for volume calculation. Scale+ also works when the goods have already left the warehouse again.

The volume is checked conveniently on the PC screen, where the contours of the package can be traced in the photo using the mouse. On this basis, Scale+ calculates the volume and compares the actual values with the target values stored in the shipping software. The result can then be exported as a PDF or JPG file for easy evidence to the partner freight forwarder.

Load+, on the other hand, is used to optimize routes and for documentation of load securing. The solution creates different PDF reports at the push of a button, such as a load status list of the departing trucks for each loading relation. The display of loading space markings makes it easier to identify free loading meters. Emons primarily uses Load+ for quality control when loading trucks. "When the loading area is not fully used, I take a close look", explains Nätsch, who can usually understand completely from the camera images "why the driver in question had to leave a gap when loading". If the reason is not immediately apparent from the pictures, he seeks a conversation with the employees in order to understand the situation and, if necessary, optimise it.


Easy around the clock

"Every conversation helps to optimise capacity utilisation", explains Nätsch, who can draw a positive balance on the benefits of CargoVIS after the first 12 months. The same applies to the reliability of the solution: "I have never had to call DIVIS since it was installed because the system runs around the clock without any problems."


The positive impression and trust in DIVIS already developed during the installation: "The project ran very smoothly from the first preliminary discussions to installation during ongoing operations, which was mainly due to the good coordination and exemplary communication", emphasises Willi Emons. This is what an enthusiastic customer sounds like.

Read more about CargoVIS at the Emons site in Cologne:


Emons Spedition GmbH

Emons Spedition GmbH, based in Cologne, is a medium-sized, group-independent family company. The logistics service provider, founded in 1928, transported around 4.9 million shipments in 2019, generating sales of around EUR 590 million. More than 3,000 employees work at 105 locations around the world, offering all forwarding services from a single source. The broad portfolio includes general cargo system transports, part and full loads, CEP services, air and sea freight, road feeder service and container trucking. The offer is supplemented by rail cargo, combined transport and RoRo transport to Russia. Another large area of the Emons Group is warehouse logistics with 180,000 square meters of covered storage space at 30 locations.

Most of the truck transports are carried out by subcontractors. Over 900 drivers work for Emons every day. The company's own fleet has 310 trucks, 1,000 swap bodies and 160 trailers. In addition, around 1,000 subcontractors' trucks are in permanent use for Emons every day.

More about Emons

Case study video & photos


Willi Emons
Co-partner Emons Spedition GmbH
photo© Emons


Michael Nätsch
Forwarding Manager Emons Spedition GmbH
photo© Emons

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