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Reference images and reference mode in ParcelVIS

Bordesholm, April 4, 2019

It may be difficult to unambiguously identify the package you're looking for among hundreds of similar-looking shipments and keep track of it during shipment tracking.

The DIVIS software also offers a solution to this problem – reference images. Today, we'll show you how to create reference images in ParcelVIS so that you can visually see a permanently displayed example of the shipment you're looking for throughout the goods tracking process. During the research process, you can also exchange these reference images according to your needs.

Switch to reference mode

First, switch to reference mode to create one or more views of the shipment that remain displayed unaltered throughout the workflow. The reference mode is available in the small and medium picture display (not available in the large picture display). In order to switch to the reference mode, click on the left icon in the view switch of the band search.

Icons in DIVIS Software for shipment research

Fig: Switch to reference mode

The video work area switches to the reference picture mode.

Videorecherche im Paket-Hub: Referenzbilder und Referenzmodus in ParcelVIS

Fig: Reference picture display

In reference picture mode, two additional video display windows are now available, which you can drag and drop with any video images. These images are retained even when switching to another scan event.

Videorecherche im Paket-Hub: Referenzbilder und Referenzmodus in ParcelVIS

Fig: Reference mode with reference images created

The scan image and the scan overview image can also be saved as reference images. Click with the right mouse button on the corresponding image.
In the context menu, select whether the image should be used as reference image 1 or 2.

Videorecherche im Paket-Hub: Referenzbilder und Referenzmodus in ParcelVIS

Fig: Right-click to define the scan overview image as a reference image

Full screen display with reference images on the left

In special cases, it may be necessary to evaluate the image in the video workspace in more detail. For this purpose, further display options are available. Double-click the right image in the video workspace to toggle to a larger image view.

To the left of the full-screen image, the scan image and below two freely assignable reference images are displayed, which can be arbitrarily assigned or replaced by drag & drop.

To display the video image temporarily on the large screen, hold down the left mouse button when clicking on one of the small reference images on the left.

Videorecherche im Paket-Hub: Referenzbilder und Referenzmodus in ParcelVIS

Fig .: Full screen display with reference pictures

To exit the large image display in reference mode, double-click in the video image.

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