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Christmas greetings at the end of the year, charity donations and Santa's secret

Bordesholm, 20 December 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and soon we will welcome a new year. We are pleased and grateful that you, our clients and partners, have faced all the challenges of 2022 with us by your side and that we have achieved great successes together.
As every year, DIVIS is once again supporting people in need and charitable projects with donations this season. Learn more about our contribution in this issue.

While we are all starting to get ready for the festive season, Santa Claus and his helpers have a lot of work left to do to ensure that all the presents arrive on time.
Luckily, with DIVIS' video management solutions at the North Pole, all processes run smoothly, in part thanks to a new, state-of-the-art product that we will introduce to you in the coming year. Look forward to the expansion of our product portfolio and new partnerships in 2023.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a successful start into the New Year!

On behalf of the entire DIVIS team

Yours Hendrik Reger

- Managing Director -

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS Geschäftsführer

Now, discover Santa's secret here:


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On behalf of the recipients, we would like to express our gratitude once again this year to all those who made a donation at our anniversary celebration last summer.
Find out which good causes your and our donations will fund in this Christmas newsletter.

This time we have decided to include an additional organisation in our Christmas donations:


Waldpiraten-Camp (Forest Pirate Camp)


At the Waldpiraten-Camp of Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung (German Childhood Cancer Foundation), children and adolescents suffering from cancer can recover after long therapy. A committed team of full-time and voluntary staff supports the young patients on their way back into a "normal" everyday life.

The after-care facility was opened in 2003 just outside the city of Heidelberg and is unique in the entire German-speaking region. The annual costs of around one million euros are financed almost exclusively through donations. That’s why it is important to us to support the Waldpiraten-Camp as well.

DIVIS continues to donate to the following regional and national organisations, as we have done for several years in the past:


Spielmobil of the Bordesholm Youth Centre


The Spielmobil (play mobile) of the youth centre in Bordesholm is a trailer filled with entertainment: a bouncy castle, roundabouts, BobbyCars, ropes, jump balls, bouncy cloths, speedminton and much more make an important contribution to extracurricular education at different locations. The offered games reduce the school performance pressure for children and at the same time promote mental and individual development as well as social learning.

For the coming year, the youth centre is planning to offer further play opportunities in addition to the play mobile, such as a mobile skater facility, canoes or a floorball court.


Friends of the Lindenschule Bordesholm e.V.

Lindenschule BordesholmThe association aims to provide all children of the Lindenschule with the best possible help in their school development, so they can feel good in everything they do. For this purpose, the association financially supports the activities of the pupils and thus provides fun and play opportunities in the children's everyday school life, in the classrooms and the break areas.


Friends of the Kindergarten Birkenweg Bordesholm e.V.

Förderverein Kindergarten Birkenweg

The association was founded on the initiative of parents. It supports the children and the kindergarten with material purchases and cultural experiences so that the little ones can develop optimally in a colourful, socially positive, diverse and nature-loving environment.

As a family business, DIVIS considers the support of young people to be one of the most important tasks in our region, which is why we are happy to contribute to a diversity-filled, child-friendly environment with our donation.


Lebenshilfe Bordesholm-Nortorf e.V.

Lebenshilfe BordesholmThe association Lebenshilfe was founded in 1967 by 18 parents and friends of disabled people in Bordesholm and the surrounding area to support them. Lebenshilfe offers various leisure time activities. Among others, this is ensured by many volunteers. Material and other costs are covered by Lebenshilfe through subsidies, which, however, would not be sufficient without additional donations.
The association's recreational activities take place mainly in the community centre. As a result of the pandemic, new Corona requirements have been introduced there. In order to comply with these and continue to offer activities in the community centre, two air purification devices need to be acquired. We support this with our Christmas donation.


KGV Bordesholm (Bordesholmer Tafel)

Bordesholmer Tafel

For those in need from the surrounding area, the Bordesholmer Tafel, founded in 2009, collects food from local grocery shops on a weekly basis.

With the onset of the Corona pandemic, this task has become more arduous and the tense political-economic circumstances added another level of difficulty to the situation this year. While the number of people in need of food is increasing, donations from supermarkets are decreasing, which is why the supply of goods is stagnating.

In order to be able to continue supplying those in need, the Tafel is dependent on donations. People from our immediate neighbourhood in need of support are also important to us, therefore we are once again making a financial donation to the Tafel this year.


Sternenbrücke Children's Hospice Foundation

Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

"We cannot add more days to life, but we can add more life to the days". The Sternenbrücke children's hospice has been following this motto for almost 20 years and lovingly supports children, adolescents and young adults with illnesses or disabilities that severely shorten their lives. Targeted offers stabilize the family circle and help the relatives to gather strength and find regeneration. Even after the loss of a child, Sternenbrücke stands by the bereaved in their grief.

The foundation is mainly financed by donations. That is why we want to make a contribution this year as well.


Save the Children Germany e. V.

Save the Children

Whether conflicts, wars, natural disasters or the Corona pandemic: children are the ones suffering the most. For the Save the Children association, emergency aid for children in the midst of current crises is therefore a top priority. We have been a partner since 2020 and support the organisation with our donation in various projects, because the emergency relief missions are only possible through financial aids.
This summer, we were also able to collect donations on our customer event. Together with our own Christmas donation, this year these funds will provide support and hope for children in the Ukraine.


Future for Lola's Children

Lolas Kinder

In cooperation with the sisters of the Spanish order "Missionary Daughters of Calvary", the non-profit organisation supports poor orphans and other children in Zimbabwe. The initiative aims to prepare children in the best possible way for a self-reliant future and to improve the situation of those in need.

School fees project

Lolas Kinder

In 2023, with the help of donations, about 300 children will again be able to attend school. These children live in the entire Victoria Falls-Tshongogkwe-Binga region, where the nuns are active in the charity projects.


Lolas KinderA hospital complex is currently being built in Tshongogkwe. Donations have so far made it possible to complete the construction of the kitchen and sanitary complex for highly pregnant women as well as a laboratory with examination equipment. Although a few more construction steps are still necessary before the hospital can be fully operational, the progress is encouraging. Immunisation services, HIV prevention as well as child and prenatal care are the core of the offered services and already reach up to 100 outpatients per day.

Food parcels for families

Lolas Kinder

Thanks to donations, more than 20,000 euros could be provided for food parcels to the nuns this year. 1,000 families recently received a food parcel. Each package contains 40kg of "mealie meal" maize flour which, together with vegetables from the garden, provides essential meals for the households. At the moment, food is particularly scarce during the rainy season because supplies are running low and the new harvest is not yet ready.

Orphanage project in Binga
Lolas Kinder

The orphanage "SUNRISE CHILDREN'S HOME" in Binga is the heart of the association's work. Currently, 16 children and three sisters live there. Temporarily, children and women in acute need are also accommodated.

The gardener Josphat cultivates the vegetable garden together with the children. Unfortunately, elephants and monkeys recently invaded the fenced garden and destroyed a large part of the harvest. Now they will have to plant again and wait for the next harvest.

Currently, a solar system financed by the association is being installed to compensate for the constant power outages and to provide an alternative to cooking on an open fire every day.

Chicken project

Lolas KinderIn the chicken project, 30 hens are currently laying about 25 eggs per day. Chickens are planned to be fattened again for self-sufficiency and for resale.

Glasses project

After five years of commitment, patience and perseverance, thanks to some favourable coincidences and relationships, the association has received the government approval for the eyeglass workshop in the container. Now, finally, the work for people with visual impairment can begin!

Lolas Kinder


Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

Plan for the planet

Plant-for-the-Planet developed from a school initiative into a global movement for the restoration of forest ecosystems. The aim is nothing less than to tackle the climate crisis and preserve biodiversity. The initiative is committed to protecting the world's three trillion trees and bringing back another trillion.

Sustainability is one of the core values at DIVIS. So far, however, we ourselves do not have the possibility to become completely climate neutral. Therefore, we would like to support a healthy climate with our donation to the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation.


Project Matumaini – Good Hope e.V.


The Matumaini project, registered as an association since 2017, was founded in 2009 by medical student Antonia Pelshenke as an aid project for orphans in Tanzania. In a boarding school, 14 children receive schooling or handicraft training to improve their prospects in life.

In the long term, the project is pursuing further plans, such as the development of a new centre for children and adolescents with additional workshops, music lessons and training.

The support and equal rights of children are very important to us, which is why we also want to contribute to this project.


See you next time!

These were the latest news from DIVIS. We'll get back to you soon with more news.
For suggestions or comments on our newsletter, feel free to get in touch with us.

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