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CCTV Video Surveillance vs. Video & Scan by DIVIS

Bordesholm, April 25, 2018

Im Vergleich: CCTV Videoüberwachung vs. Video&Scan von DIVIS

CCTV systems innovated at DIVIS

CCTV = Closed Circuit Television alias VSS = Video Surveillance System

CCTV systems with video cameras, surveillance monitors and computers / recorders for monitoring goods and vehicle traffic in the interior and exterior of a logistics location are standard today.
Monitors can be used to track events in real-time or via video recording.
Conventional video surveillance systems (classic CCTV systems) work with basic video solutions for monitoring. This usually involves only minor adjustments in the associated software and correspondingly few configuration and filter options for a search.

In practice, this means that the image information of the areas to be monitored is often permanently recorded only when the alarm is triggered and in rare cases. Consequently, these data can only be reproduced in this way.

If, for example, the whereabouts of an individual package are to be explained on the basis of the video marking, the desired picture must be found by screening complete sequences within a fixed period including all information present in the video but irrelevant to the actual search process. This is not only tedious and costs valuable time. It can also be quite problematic, not least with regard to employee protection and the topic of "monitoring in the workplace", because conventional video systems can usually be easily misused for "monitoring tasks" (employee performance and behavioral control).
Although this is not usually the focus of the logistics provider, this initial situation can lead to conflicts of interest with the works council.

Lack of effectiveness and a problematic data protection situation are therefore often the reason why the research possibilities of conventional video surveillance solutions are only used irregularly and little in many companies.
In the end, therefore, often a warehouse employee himself goes in search of the missing package.


The means of quality assurance and detection are with conventional CCTV video surveillance systems in principle quite available, but in practice often unwieldy and cumbersome to use. In addition, the documentation at particularly critical points, for example, in the transfer of liability, often not enough to relieve the logistics provider conclusively of recourse claims.

DIVIS makes the difference!

Video & Scan with intuitive software and patented area navigation

CargoVIS | Video Management Software für Umschlagslager von DIVIS | innovative Bereichsnavigation

The developers at DIVIS work with a view of your practice in the warehouse or in the goods handling. That is why our solutions function functionally beyond many research options available on the market and are nevertheless easy and intuitive to use.

The innovative technology of DIVIS makes it possible to achieve a meaningful result in a more effective, legally and confidently more reliable manner with a minimum of time expenditure than with a conventional CCTV system.

For this purpose, our software concentrates the relevant information on a program - also in terms of employee protection - closely to the actual search. This means that the marginal events are maximally filtered out and the search result is visualized accordingly. Irrelevant and critical (employee) information is not displayed or can be made unrecognizable with our tools.

At the same time, DIVIS software enables a very clear documentation of the critical intersections for the transfer of liability during consignment transport.

This leads users much faster and more directly to the desired search result of the consignment concerned, protects service providers more successfully against recourse and reliably avoids data protection gray areas.

Another DIVIS advantage: Everything from one source

DIVIS systems combine the best possible performance and reliability.
The basis is a typical basic monitoring equipment with high-quality, powerful and durable hardware. All components are matched exactly to each other and to our software and play together so precisely.

DIVIS solutions go one step further: combining scan and video information

The DIVIS video system is additionally linked to the scanners used in the warehouse, whose position is recorded at scan events by our software.
This makes your goods tracking more efficient and complete, and there are many completely new options for your quality assurance in goods handling, which go far beyond the mere search for a lost consignment.

Through better overview and targeted information, DIVIS solutions enable not only the simple research of lost goods, incorrect shipments and damage to goods, but also the clear documentation of liability transitions, the analysis of deficits and planning errors in the logistics process and the optimization of preventive safety in the hall.

In the user interface of our Scan & Video software, you control precisely defined time points, time periods and areas with the help of user-defined search parameters and the program number without lengthy viewing of complete video sequences.

Based on the scan events, an object can not only be identified very quickly and safely, but also be tracked completely. Various filters assist in further narrowing down the search and to obtain the required information with minimal expenditure of time.
Every logistics environment has very individual requirements. That's why DIVIS software and hardware come from a single source and are tailor-made for your local processes and conditions.

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We have answers!

Phone: +49  (0)4322 88 66-10
Fax: +49  (0)4322 88 66-77

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