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DIVIS-Software | Logistik mit Videoüberwachung

Versatile Plus+ Features

for the hall and the warehouse

Find shipments.
Analyze operations.
Optimize processes.

DIVIS-Software | Logistik mit Videoüberwachung

Added value for your logistics

Optional Plus+ Features

Videomanagement software for your logistics: The following modules are optionally available for our CargoVIS and ParcelVIS software for an extra fee.

Plus-Funktion License Plate+

Optional Plus+ Feature for CargoVIS & ParcelVIS

License Plate+

Automatic license plate recognition

The database-supported license plate recognition system License Plate+ enables the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates by video camera and simplifies the access and yard management. The stored data can be used for entry and exit control and for controlling vehicle movement in the yard.

The concept is based on a combination of the CargoVIS software and a modern ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) camera system, which can detect the license plates of vehicles from EU, CIS countries, Israel and Turkey.

The barrier control of the License Plate+ feature enables automatic opening of barriers in the entry and exit areas. In addition, the barriers can be opened manually using the CargoVIS software.

The management of vehicle license plates is also carried out via the CargoVIS software in black and white lists.

Plus-Funktion License Plate+


Learn more about our Plus+ feature License Plate+ in this news article:
License plate recognition with License Plate+

We also provide an interface that enables the transfer of license plate data into third-party systems:
Learn more about the benefits of license plate data in yard management systems here.

Videomanagement Software für Ihre Logistik | nützliche Add-ons

Optional Plus+ Features for CargoVIS & ParcelVIS

Motion Alarm+

On the safe side with the research feature

With Motion Alarm+ you have the opportunity to increase the security of your logistics hall as well as your entire premises.


Motion Alarm+ alerts you immediately when motion is detected in the camera images of the logistics warehouse. Alerting takes place directly in the site plan or on request by an alarm e-mail with 5 pictures. A search can be started directly via the alarm history.


  • Transshipment halls

  • Warehouses

  • Office Areas

  • Package HUBs


Outdoors Motion Alarm+ provides video surveillance via thermal imaging cameras that enable surveillance of large terrains and are ideal for night vision applications. The thermal imagers detect the intrusion of people and vehicles under almost all visibility conditions and can even make minimal temperature differences visible.

Alarms are generated by Video Content Analysis (VCA) and stored in a database. Access to the alarm images and the search of the stored data are made directly via the CargoVIS software, which is equipped with acoustic signaling in the live and search mode. The triggered alarms are given to an external contact (e.g. alarm system, siren, light) and the associated alarm images are sent by e-mail.

Module für die Videomanagement-Software für Ihre Logistik
Videomanagement Software für Ihre Logistik | nützliche Add-ons

Optional Plus+ Feature for CargoVIS & ParcelVIS


Meet data and employee protection requirements

With Pixel+ you can effortlessly meet the growing data protection needs and, at the same time, meet the demands of your works council for employee protection by obscuring areas or making them completely unrecognizable.
A fine-meshed grid makes enables precise selection of the areas to be pixelated in order to be able to follow the goods in spite of the pixelation. The masking can be canceled user-related and password-controlled.

Videomanagement Software für Ihre Logistik | nützliche Add-ons


  • Pixelation of movements throughout the image

  • Pixelation of movements in partial areas of the picture

  • Permanent planar pixelation of an area

    for example, to make a workplace in the image section permanently unrecognizable (also combinable with the pixelation of movements)

Text<sup>+</sup> for CargoVIS

Optional Plus+ Feature for CargoVIS & ParcelVIS


All information in the picture

With Text+ text hints can be placed all around the video picture. Thus, individual additional information, such as door numbers or relative location markings are recorded in the image and facilitate orientation.

Our Software Solutions


Find palletised shipments quickly with CargoVIS

With our video management software for cargo handling, CargoVIS, we offer you a comprehensive and easy-to-use system solution for the image-controlled investigation and tracking of palletised goods.

ParcelVIS for cross docking & CEP providers

Save time and money and let ParcelVIS work effectively for you with image-based consignment investigation in the transshipment warehouse: Entering the parcel label number is your key to all information on the whereabouts and status of a consignment during all scanned events. 


K. Hansen Transport AS aus Dänemark | DIVIS-Kunde

K. Hansen Transport AS


"We have already achieved very good results in finding goods and lost shipments since [CargoVIS] was installed. We are very satisfied with the system."


Van Duuren


"CargoVIS is working perfectly, everyone is used to it and we can’ t live without it anymore."




"CargoVIS is completely reliable, and because of its tracking capabilities the investment in TSB has paid for itself in less than a year by finding 'vanished' pallets and identifying sources of damage."


Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH & Co KG


"We have been using the ParcelVIS from DIVIS for 5 years and have never had any problems."


Herbert Voigt GmbH & Co. KG


"With DIVIS we have a competent partner who always has a solution for our individual ideas."




"The perfect solution even for heterogeneous handling areas - video surveillance at the package level by DIVIS."

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

Hendrik Reger
Managing Director

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