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DIVIS integrates location tags in Cognex Mobile Terminals

Partnership with Cognex | DIVIS

Bordesholm, March 21, 2019

One of our guiding principles is to create added value for our customers through comprehensive solutions. Following this principle, we have built up a high-quality partner network and have just expanded it to include a further scanner manufacturer in whose products our location tags are now being integrated.

The goal of the new partnership is to open up our solutions to a broader user base.
With the new combination of video-based consignment research and an integrated, robust tracking system, we can now make DIVIS video solutions accessible to all those using Cognex scanners.
An optimized protection of the location tags ensures high availability of our video systems with scanner location even under harsh environmental conditions. Cognex’s modular integration of RTLS tags (Real Time Locating System RTLS) with protection class IP65* corresponds to this requirement for optimal protection of the tags.

The goal of the new partnership

is the opening of our solutions
to an extended range of users

Clear advantages with the robust DIVIS solutions in daily logistics operations

DIVIS tracking tags integrated into Cognex terminals

Logistics processes are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. More and more, this leads to shortages, goods are stored incorrectly or end up missing. A remedy are video systems, such as the DIVIS solutions, which document the flow of goods in the warehouse and make it traceable. Our UWB (= Ultra Wideband) system solution for goods location, Location+, determines and documents the position of consignments while scanning the goods at the same time in real time. This enables runtime-based, scanner-integrated radio locating. Thus, the goods can be selectively located with our system in real time and their complete path be tracked. It is also possible to determine the positions of persons or means of transport in the transshipment center in real time.

The location data is linked with scan and video data in our CargoVIS software for the visual shipment tracking of palletized goods and can be displayed and reused there. The location results are visualized in both the video image and a site plan.

The advantages of the scanner location with CargoVIS for research at a glance

  • Getting started quickly and easily (knowledge of time / date or area is not a requirement)
  • Clear assignment of goods through images of the scanned goods
  • User-friendly orientation and navigation in the camera images
  • Detecting a scan is possible even with hidden objects in the camera images
  • Easy integration into daily processes through automation (in defined areas, it is not necessary to register the scanners to assign the scans)
  • High level of data protection through targeted access via scan events


Sven Klockmann, Mobile Sales Manager Europe at Cognex Corporation summarizes:
"Tag integration with our mobile terminals provides our customers with the perfect symbiosis of scanners and a robust RTLS location system."

*IP65 – dustproof and protected against splash water from any angle

Background: Cognex Corporation

Cognex Corporation develops, manufactures and markets a variety of products that are based on the latest image processing technology and therefore are able to "see". Cognex vision systems, bar code readers, and vision sensors are used in manufacturing, warehousing, airports, and distribution centers around the world for guiding, measuring, testing, identifying, and quality assurance throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. With over 1.5 million image-processing products delivered, Cognex is the global leader in this segment. In addition to the Natick headquarters, Cognex has regional offices and contractors throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Weitere Partnerschaften

DIVIS integrates location tags in Cognex Mobile Terminals

We have expanded our network with a high-quality partner: Our location tags are now integrated into mobile terminals from Cognex. This means that customers with this hardware can also use our solutions in the future.