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License Plate+ for automatic license plate recognition

Faster check-in at the entrance and comprehensive yard management

Bordesholm, 20 April 2022

License Plate+ for automatic license plate recognition

The database-supported licence plate recognition system License Plate+ enables automatic licence plate detection via video camera with a recognition rate of over 95%*.

The system can be precisely tailored to your needs. It relieves your staff at the entrance and exit, simplifies your yard management and improves the overview of access and exit as well as traffic on the premises. Informative evaluations also help to regulate the processes on the premises. These advantages are particularly noticeable in logistics companies with a lot of vehicle traffic.

The system is also convincing when it comes to installation. In contrast to the usual market approach, License Plate+ allows camera installations at a distance of up to 100m*. Even over this distance, the high-resolution optical hardware (2MP) provides clear images of the license plates.

In many cases, this reduces the effort required for installation and saves earthworks for the installation of traffic light poles or the wiring across the yard. For the cabling, extended cable routes on the hall building can be used.

The video solutions from DIVIS are continuously being further developed. In doing so, we also take into account the wishes of our customers. As a result, License Plate+ now offers a considerable performance spectrum with numerous user-friendly functions, which we present to you here.

  • Comprehensive yard management with automated and manual access control
  • Automated barrier or gate opening on entry and exit
  • Automated barriers can also be controlled manually from a distance
  • Support for compliance with documentation requirements
  • Use in swap body management
  • Simplified investigation of damage to vehicles or objects on the premises
  • Many new features in License Plate+ as of version 1.7.0

Maintenance of license plates in a rule system

Yard management controls all activities on the company premises. This includes entry and exit, scheduling, movement of vehicles and objects as well as loading and unloading. In addition, valuable information about the trucks on the grounds is collected and evaluated as part of the yard management. In addition to the license plate number, this includes, for example, the time of entry and exit.

An automated software-controlled system is the most effective solution to ensure smooth processes in the control of incoming and outgoing transports, the flow of goods and access of people. Such a system relieves staff at the entrance and provides valuable analyses.

Automation in yard management ensures continuous and optimally coordinated traffic and material flows. It also supports loading site planning and resource control on the factory premises.

The advantages of License Plate+

  • Improved overview of the processes in the yard incl. video documentation
  • Relief of personnel through automatable processes (access control)
  • Statistical evaluations as a basis for optimisation in the organisation
  • Simplified integration into existing structures, as distances of up to 100 m can be bridged
  • User-friendly operation and comprehensive functions (for controlling automations and for license plate research)
  • Added value through further options such as proof of compliance with documentation obligations, clarification of damages, automatic notification function, etc.

Automated barrier or gate opening on entry and exit

License Plate+ effectively and reliably controls the automatic opening of barriers and sliding gates in entry and exit areas. No personnel are required for the fully automated access control. Recognised license plates are compared with the rule system in the DIVIS software. If the respective number plate is authorised, the barrier or sliding gate is automatically opened by the software to allow the vehicle to pass.

Manual opening and closing of the barrier by authorised personnel is still possible at any time regardless of the automation. If, for example, a barrier remains closed because no rule has been set for a license plate, entry can be granted manually.

Automated barriers can also be controlled manually from a distance

When the barrier is operated manually, the video information from License Plate+ provides users with an excellent overview of both what is happening in the entrance area and the license plates entering and leaving.

With License Plate+, the presence of a control person at the entrance is not mandatory in this scenario either, nor is the installation of telephones or intercom systems.

Via the video system, it is possible to visually track on the computer from any location in the company which vehicle with which license plate is requesting entry and to grant access directly in the software by clicking on a button.

Even outside the premises, barrier control is possible, for example, from another branch or, as during the pandemic, from the home office via VPN.

Any employee with appropriate user rights can operate the barrier manually via License Plate+ as described.

Support for compliance with documentation requirements

Thanks to the automated records in License Plate+, for example, the time spent on the premises by delivery vehicles during loading and unloading or also compliance with security measures (necessary for AEO & TAPA certification, air safety certification) can be easily verified.

Use in swap body management

Some of our customers simplify and speed up their swap body management with automatic license plate recognition.

With the help of License Plate+, for example, it is possible to track whether a truck has picked up the wrong swap body without having to resort to the manual records of a gatekeeper.

Simplified investigation of damage to vehicles or objects on the premises

If damage occurs to vehicles, buildings or objects on the premises, License Plate+ can make it easier to identify the responsible party. The application provides information about which license plates were on the premises during a certain period of time.

If, in addition to the camera for license plate recognition, other cameras are installed in the entry and exit areas, it is also possible to determine whether or not damage to the vehicle was already present when it entered the premises.

Many new features in License Plate+ as of version 1.7.0

All functions listed below are available from License Plate+ version 1.7.0 with one exception.

In previous versions, the license plate list was opened for a license plate research in a new window by clicking on an icon in License Plate+.

Since version 1.7.0, a separate tab in the header of the search area of the software is available instead of the icon. In the license plate list, license plate entries can be selected and filtered using various parameters such as date, time and camera of passage.

Particularly practical for visual orientation: When searching the license plate list, the user interface also displays the corresponding camera images for each license plate recognition.

The features at a glance

  • Maintenance of number plates in a rule system
  • NEW! Available from version!

    Option to set rules according to weekday and time

  • License plate import and convenient group editing
  • Automatic barrier control with time offset
  • GDPR-compliant handling of collected data
  • Statistical evaluations for optimising dispatch and other purposes
  • Additional options for vehicles known in the system

Maintenance of license plates in a rule system

License Plate+ is a plus function for our video management software CargoVIS and ParcelVIS. The license plate management is carried out in the CargoVIS or ParcelVIS software via a rule system. Here, different authorisations can be defined for selected license plates. The software is applying the rules during automatic barrier control.

NEW! Available from version!

Set rules according to weekday and time

In response to customer requests, we have recently integrated another very useful function in our software version time-based rules.

This means that the validity period of a license plate rule can now also be set according to time and day of the week. In this way, it is possible to configure, for example, that certain license plates are only granted access on weekdays and within business hours, e.g. from 8:00 - 17:00, but not after 17:00 or on weekends. When using automatic barrier control, this function therefore makes it very easy to exclude access to the premises after closing time, even for otherwise authorised vehicles.

A defined period can then be saved as a template and this template can be used to save time for a new rule with the same time settings.

License plate import and convenient group processing

If a large number of license plates are to be created in the system at the same time, the license plate import in list form saves a lot of time and also minimises the risk of incorrect entries, which can otherwise occur due to typing errors.

Individually different rules can then be applied to the numbers imported in this way. However, it is also possible to assign rules to entire groups.

Automatic barrier control with time offset

In certain application scenarios, it can be useful to leave a certain time span between arrival and entry. For example, if employees at the entrance check the accompanying documents for delivery and pickup, the barrier can also be opened automatically with a time delay according to this process.

GDPR-compliant handling of recorded data

With License Plate+ your access control system is GDPR-compliant. By default, the license plates are stored in the database for the duration of the image data held. A different individual configuration of both periods is also possible.

Statistical evaluations for optimising check-in and other purposes

If both the entrance and the exit are equipped with license plate recognition, our software can provide meaningful statistics for a comprehensive overview of the utilisation of the premises. This not only gives you an overview of all vehicle movements for your yard management. With the help of the statistics, you can also reveal optimisation potential in access and departure management.

Among other things, the following key figures are available in the statistics

  • Stop time of trucks on the premises
  • Time of arrival and departure
  • Time between entering and leaving the yard
  • other license plate-related events

These values help you to identify peak times and the causes of delays (for example, long loading and unloading times or early arrival or delays for scheduled deliveries). This information helps you to adjust your processes and relieve peak times.

Additional options for vehicles known in the system

License Plate+ also has a notification function. Here, it is possible to specify that notifications should be automatically sent by e-mail to selected staff members when a particular licence plate enters the system.

License Plate+ from DIVIS will continue to be further developed in the future. New functions are already underway. In doing so, our experts are primarily guided by the needs of our customers.

If you are already using our solution and have a development request, please contact us and let us know about your suggestion.

If you are not yet working with License Plate+ but are interested in the system or in other DIVIS products, our qualified representatives will also be happy to help you.

*The license plates must be legible. Coarse soiling with fragmentation of individual characters or partial obscuring by protruding vehicle parts can impair recognition.

Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about our software?

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