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Welcome to the November issue of the DIVIS newsletter

Bordesholm, October 30, 2017

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

The Christmas season is almost within reach and we are approaching the new year with big steps.
But first we have some news and interesting tips for you.
Learn more about the new panorama feature for the live operation of our 360º 4K cameras. The feature is available to both ParcelVIS and CargoVIS customers.
Learn what needs to be considered when calculating a video network.
In addition, in this issue we start a new series, our "Tip of the month", in which we present the benefits of the scan statistics in the ParcelVIS.
Last but not least, we look behind the scenes together with you at DIVIS: In the coming months, we will introduce you to our team. Our sales colleagues will start in November.

We hope you enjoy reading.

On behalf of the DIVIS team

Yours Hendrik Reger

- Head of Sales -

The topics of this issue:


Overview in a new perspective - Panorama feature for DIVIS solutions


New panoramic view in live operation for the DIVIS 360° 4K camera.

The "all-around view" of the 360° 4K camera already allows a very good and fast overall impression in live operation.
In the search mode with the 360° 4K camera, the automatic rotation of the displayed image is already available through the zoom function, so that the lower part, which is upside down, can be conveniently rotated and viewed.

At the request of a customer from France (one of the three largest French parcel service providers), DIVIS has now also further optimized the live operation with the 360 ° function and added a new, user-friendly feature - the panorama view.

In the new function, the 360° overview is displayed as a panorama picture and thus reminds a little of the panoramic photo function of smartphones. All picture elements can be viewed in an upright orientation without further manipulation and the structure of the depot is easily recognizable at a glance.
Our customer in France is so enthusiastic about the solution that we decided to generally offer the new feature as an option for our software solutions to make sure that all DIVIS customers with a 360° 4K camera in use can benefit from optimized handling.

Technical requirements for using the panorama feature:

  • The feature only works in live mode (with 1fps).
  • The technical minimum requirements for the PC on which the function is to run currently correspond to the technical specifications of the evaluation PCs distributed by us. These are: i7 processor, 8GB of memory, gbit network

Are you interested in the new panorama feature?

Then contact us. We are happy to answer all questions without any obligation.
+49 4322 8866-10


Calculation and setup of video networks - aspects to consider


For our video system solutions, the DIVIS engineers set up a separate network in addition to the customer's operational network.
Various inquiries in the past have shown us that this step needs some explanation. At first glance, the separate network may seem unnecessary, but from a technical point of view it is very important for the security of your own customer network.

What does video network mean?

A video network at DIVIS means an autonomously operating network solely for the DIVIS video system, in order to exclude bidirectional interference due to technical influences as far as possible and to avoid manipulation in the best possible way.
At the same time, a separate video network prevents the network that the customer uses in the operational business from being buried by the data load of the video system.
Depending on usage, a video network is subject to a high to very high data load. Within the system, not only the pure image data is always transmitted. For some cameras, multiple streams run simultaneously across the network. This quickly creates large amounts of data that are permanently transmitted to the recorders and thus even a 1,000 Mbit network can quickly be fully utilized.

The advantages of separate networks in the overview:

  • The network load of the video system has no influence on the customer network
  • The data transfer can be optimally controlled in the video network
  • Ensuring fast error analysis by DIVIS in case of failures
  • Unauthorized, direct access to the cameras is difficult in the video network, since no direct access to the cameras is possible.

Benefits of using DIVIS network components:

  • No access to the cameras/ video system by unauthorized persons
  • The switches used provide the necessary PoE * performance for the cameras.

    *PoE = Power over Ethernet

  • The power supply and data transmission of the cameras therefore only require one cable indoors
  • The switches used are 100% compatible. So there are no warranty issues, because everything is delivered from one source.
  • With DIVIS components you are fully integrated in the service provided by DIVIS. Errors that occur can be quickly found and corrected by DIVIS.
  • Access by DIVIS to your customer network is not necessary.

Are you interested in our products?

Then talk to us. We are happy to answer all questions without any obligation.
+49 4322 8866-10


Analyze scan statistics in ParcelVIS and track problems in time


The scan statistics in ParcelVIS are a valuable tool to detect technical problems at an early stage.
Easily monitor the number of scans per station per day, and find out at which stations there may be technical issues.



These colleagues take care of your requests in the sales team at DIVIS

Before we introduce our sales employees to you, we would like to inform you about the internal changes of our colleague Malin Kroll. Some of you may already have missed her in sales contact in recent months.

In addition to sales activities, DIVIS Account Manager Malin Kroll also took over marketing duties in early 2017 and has been focusing entirely on marketing since the summer.
In addition to the marketing communication directed to customers, her activities also include the external presentation of DIVIS as an employer.
Since November 1st, the resulting gap in sales is filled by our new colleague Danny Kroll, whom we also introduce below.