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Case Study

CargoVIS in the Hall

at Norbert Redemann KG Spedition

Redemann Spedition & Lagerung | DIVIS-Kunde

"CargoVIS accelerates the
search for goods at our
premises enormously.
We are satisfied and happy
with our decision for the
video management system
from DIVIS."

Kevin Pollock
IT Manager
Redemann KG Spedition

February 22, 2020

Seamless shipment tracking

Noticeable effects in the hall at Redemann in Recklinghausen

Norbert Redemann KG Spedition from Recklinghausen is a network member of LogCoop GmbH, the logistics network for medium-sized companies. LogCoop is a DIVIS cooperation partner in the forwarding and logistics industry.
In July 2019, the freight forwarder commissioned DIVIS to install and set up the CargoVIS video management system. The solution enables seamless tracking of shipments based on customer scan data.

The shipment volume of the forwarding company had outgrown the capacities of the system previously used by Redemann. The search for missing goods was particularly difficult.
Kevin Pollock, IT manager at Redemann KG Spedition explains: "We chose CargoVis because the use of the software via the navigation button and map is very intuitive. Our old system was outdated and could hardly help us with searches. The new cameras make it easier to identify pallets."

"We chose CargoVIS because the use of the software via the navigation button and map is very intuitive."

The goal

The main goal of the switch to CargoVIS was:

  • finding missing goods quickly and reliably
  • the clear documentation of transfers of liability and damages
  • reliable detection of damages and causes
  • through all these effects a streamlining of the processes in the hall and as a side effect a more effective theft prevention

Easy installation in day-to-day business

The installation of the CargoVIS software for seamless shipment tracking and the necessary hardware was carried out alongside the day-to-day business.
In total, a project implementation time of 3 weeks was scheduled on site, including installation and set-up, personnel training and handover of the video system.

"The installation went smoothly. Despite the use of a lifting platform in the transshipment hall, there were no difficulties in daily transshipment. The DIVIS assembly team kept to the agreed time frame and left the hall at the beginning of the main run to carry out alternative work during this time. The installation of the software was straightforward and the intuitive operation was explained within a few minutes. The cameras were assembled as requested and agreed. And the support on site also worked perfectly," IT manager Kevin Pollok summarises the implementation process.

30 cameras were installed indoors and outdoors, including a 4K camera (with infrared emitters) for displaying the license plates outdoors.
In addition, the Redemann shipping company decided to use Scale+ for software-controlled volume control. A total of 11 gate cameras were equipped with the software module.
"Scale+ helps to control the volumes we are given and to subsequently verify whether pallets actually have the stated volume.
A manual measurement of the questionable packages would delay the departure of the tour, especially during local transport loading. With this tool, we can move the measurement to a less intensive part during the day," says Kevin Pollock about the advantages of the software module.
With Scale+, Redemann saves valuable time during loading – measurements can be carried out conveniently on the computer and, if necessary, even when the goods have already left the hall.

"Scale+ helps to control the volumes we are given and to subsequently verify whether pallets actually have the stated volume."


Redemann is satisfied with the decision for the new system

The first experiences with the new system at Redemann are very positive. Kevin Pollock summarises:
"CargoVIS accelerates the search for goods at our premises enormously. Damages can easily be traced and we can even prove if the goods have not been damaged at all in our company. Above all, this saves resources, such as the important working hours of our employees, which we can now use elsewhere. The system works without defects. We are satisfied and happy that we have chosen the video management system from DIVIS."

Redemann Spedition & Lagerung | DIVIS-Kunde

Norbert Redemann KG Spedition

Norbert Redemann KG Spedition was founded in Recklinghausen in 1946 and is already managed by the second family generation.
The company now offers logistics services in handling and warehouse logistics at three different locations in Recklinghausen.
"The company's strategy is to be a reliable partner to industry, trade and the transport industry and to offer optimal economic and ecological solutions for transport, storage and distribution with motivated and qualified employees."
(Quote source: Homepage of the logistics provider Redemann)

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