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Artificial Intelligence in Profiles+, Tip of the month in CargoVIS & ParcelVIS and more news

Bordesholm, June 1, 2019

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

In today's newsletter, we talk about a very popular topic: software applications with artificial intelligence. We analyze the current state of this technology and show the benefits of applications available on today's market.

In addition: The registration period for the DE-minimis funding period 2019 is running. If you are engaged in road haulage of heavy commercial vehicles, you could qualify for financial support. In our article we inform you about the funding program, the requirements and the application process.

In the tip of the month you will learn how to export the results of your consignment research in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS as proof or for archiving purposes.

And we introduce you to our newest colleague in software development, Marten Jensen.

We hope you enjoy reading.
On behalf of the DIVIS team

Yours, Hendrik Reger

- Head of Sales -

The topics of this issue


Artificial intelligence in logistics applications – future fantasy or already a reality?

Artificial intelligence, or in short AI, is considered one of the most important technologies of the future, which can be expected to bring about major changes in many sectors and occupational fields over the coming decades.

According to a company's sales forecast for AI for the years 2017-2025, KI is expected to deliver approximately $1.3 billion in revenue in Europe in 2020. A potential analysis on "Artificial Intelligence" by IT group Sopra Steria revealed that 20% of all companies in the logistics and transport industry are already using such applications. Another third plans to use AI in the coming years. At the leading trade fairs of the industry, such as the LogiMAT and the CeMAT, exhibitors are increasingly advertising AI as a motor of the future.

But what exactly is AI and is the subject really that new?


Support program "De-minimis" – Do you already benefit?

Since January 7, 2019, the application period for the funding period 2019 of the "De-minimis" funding program has been running. It expires on September 30, 2019. Companies that want to submit an application will therefore have just under four months left this year.

De-minimis is a subsidy program for companies in heavy goods vehicle transport that carry out the safety and environmental measures specified in the framework catalog.
In order to qualify for support, companies must operate road haulage within the definition of Section 1 of the German Road Traffic Act (GüKG) at the time of application and be the owner or keeper of at least one heavy duty commercial vehicle registered in the Federal Republic of Germany for use on public roads.


CargoVIS & ParcelVIS: Evaluate and export search results

You have successfully searched for a shipment in CargoVIS or ParcelVIS. Now you want to export and archive the entire consignment tracking result, for example, as proof, regardless of the ongoing video recording.

Our software offers a powerful export function, which we explain today – using the example of ParcelVIS.


Employee introduction: Marten Jensen from the DIVIS software development

Software development is the heart of the DIVIS products. Our software is continuously expanded and developed further. This requires manpower. For this reason, we have a new colleague in this important field since February this year.

Meet our software developer Marten Jensen today.