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News about our Plus+ Feature License Plate+:
License plate integration option in third-party systems


Bordesholm, 29. September 2023

New License Plate+ interface makes license plate data transferable to other systems

We are pleased to announce that we are now enabling data exchange with third-party systems via a new interface for License Plate+.

With the REST API, license plates of a specific time frame can be retrieved from the DIVIS system in order to use them in a yard management system, for example.

The interface is available as part of our Plus+ feature for DIVIS customers and can be ordered from us now.

The data obtained from License Plate+ is provided "on-demand". This means that our system does not actively feed the license plate information into third-party applications. The data must be actively retrieved from the third-party application via the interface.

The DIVIS ecosystem unites various central applications for the logistics site on a single interconnecting platform, thus unlocking maximum benefits from the combination of heterogeneous data from different sources. 

Due to the increasingly complex processes in logistics centres, the use of multiple systems for digital data collection and processing at key points in the warehouse, on the outside premises and in different company departments is inevitable. In addition to video management solutions, other applications such as TMS (transport management systems) and YMS (yard management systems) are also in use. In this setup, a cross-system data exchange, for example, also from our video management solutions into third-party systems, cannot be assumed by default.  

However, as this option is of great importance for seamless processes without interruptions, more compatibility is also among the wishes of our customers.   

Our goal is to realise the best possible logistics practice for you as a customer with our solutions. That is why we are not only constantly developing our solutions further with new features. In addition, we also develop interfaces to well-known systems for data exchange with third-party systems.

The following information is available from our system via the interface:

  • The identified license plate (e.g. "HH1734")
  • Time of license plate recognition (e.g. "01/09/2023 16:17")
  • Recognition zone (e.g. "driveway")

The benefits of license plate data in yard management systems

Digital data exchange to solve yard management challenges

Yard management confronts companies with increasingly extensive challenges that vary individually depending on the size of the company and the characteristics of the facility.

Lack of overview over trailers and loads, difficulties in coordinating yard utilisation, congestion and waiting times due to lack of information and thus uncoordinated traffic peaks are just some of the many challenges on the yard.

With the help of the transferable license plate information in YMS, relevant data can be combined in order to control many processes on the yard more efficiently and organise traffic in a targeted manner. For example, it is possible to track at what time, which and how many vehicles enter and leave the yard, which helps to reduce congestion at the entrance and exit area and to minimize parking fees and charges.

This results in a more efficient use of the yard area and improves the overview of vehicle movements, which at the same time leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Vollautomatische Kennzeichenerkennung – License Plate+ | DIVIS
CargoVIS & ParcelVIS

License Plate+

License Plate+ enables the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates using a video camera and simplifies your access and yard management.

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We have answers!

Phone: +49  (0)4322 88 66-10
Fax: +49  (0)4322 88 66-77

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