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NEWS - Christmas greetings, Case Study Zoder Spedition, DIVIS Charity

Bordesholm, 19 December 2023


Christmas is approaching and the New Year is already just around the corner. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our customers and partners. Together, we have faced the challenges of 2023 and achieved impressive successes. We look forward to advancing further exciting projects in the coming year.

We would also like to thank our dedicated employees, who always work tirelessly on behalf of our customers.

In times of continuing uncertainty and conflict, we send light and peace into the world with our Christmas greetings. Once again this year, we want to share our success with all those who are in need.
We are using our reach to present two personal projects which we are supporting this year with a generous donation.

We hope to encourage other companies to support charitable projects as well. 

On behalf of the entire DIVIS team, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful start to 2024.

Yours, Hendrik Reger
- Managing Director -

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS Geschäftsführer


The Christmas adventure: How Santa outsmarted the Grinch thanks to CargoVIS

DIVIS wishes a Merry Christmas

In Santa's factory, there is a bustling atmosphere. The elves were busy wrapping the last presents for the children. But suddenly, with just a few hours to go until the big delivery, Santa realized that most of the presents had disappeared!

Frustrated, Santa reaches out to DIVIS. Thanks to the image-based parcel tracking in CargoVIS, Santa was able to identify the culprit in a matter of seconds: It was the Grinch! The mischievous Grinch had stolen the presents and hidden them in the most remote places in the factory to sabotage Christmas.

Thanks to the precise indoor positioning, the investigation of the secret hiding places can be sped up considerably. Santa and his hard-working elves immediately started to look for the stolen presents. Now the sleigh could be loaded in time and the presents delivered.

Thanks to CargoVIS, Christmas was saved from the Grinch and the children's joy was spread all over the world.


Logistics company from the Port of Hamburg continues to rely on visual consignment tracking with CargoVIS

DIVIS proves itself in container logistics at Zoder Spedition

Case Study CargoVIS bei der Zoder Spedition | DIVIS

Heinrich Zoder Spedition is a member of the general cargo cooperations cooperatives ELVIS, SIM Cargo and CTL and specialises in container logistics, among other things. Based in the Port of Hamburg, the company offers a comprehensive full service for the transport, logistics, import and export of goods in Germany and throughout Europe.

For many years, the CargoVIS video management system has been supporting the team at Zoder Spedition in Hamburg in successfully driving forward process optimisation - with impressive results. This is why the import-export professionals are now continuing to rely on DIVIS for the system renewal.

Learn more about the Hamburg freight forwarders and their experiences with CargoVIS in our case study.


Charitable commitment - our passion projects

With the conviction deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy that success is a joint effort, we are financially and personally committed to regional and national charitable projects that are of special importance to us.
We believe that the success of a company is not only measured in figures, but above all in its commitment to bringing about positive change in the world.

We are confident that our commitment will not only help to improve the situation of those affected, but also inspire others to take action and express their support through donations.

Every project we support is very close to our hearts. This year, we are particularly moved by certain projects due to their individual goals, low public awareness or acute relevance.

"Great challenges can be overcome together. If we all move just a little bit, we can help make life better for many."

Thomas Kroll
Managing Partner


We would therefore like to introduce you to two of our favourite projects in more detail:

Association for German-Ukrainian Cooperation "Feine Ukraine" e.V.

We are not only connected to the association through our solidarity with Ukraine, but also through a personal relationship with our colleague Kyrylo Korsun. As a Ukrainian himself, he has relatives who have been affected by the war and he is actively involved as a member of the organisation.

The work of the organisation is needed more urgently than ever today, so donations are essential to ensure the association's ability to act.

We spoke to our colleague in an interview about his personal commitment, the organisation's current goals and the challenges it faces.

DIVIS Charity | Verein Feine Ukraine

Association Future for Lola's Children e.V. - Support for children in Zimbabwe

The community of Bordesholm is what connects our company headquarters and the "Future for Lola's Children" association. The non-profit organisation was founded here by committed citizens.

Together with the sisters of the Spanish order "Missionary Daughters of Calvary", the association makes an essential contribution to improving the living conditions of children and people in need in Zimbabwe.

The organisation is supported by about 20 members as well as a circle of donors and friends. Without the financial support of these groups, the work in Zimbabwe would not be possible in its current form.

We are firmly convinced that this commitment has a huge benefit for the development of the orphans in Zimbabwe and would like to make more people aware of the important work of this small organisation.


We also support the following charitable projects

DIVIS Charity | Kindergarten Birkenweg

Association of the Kindergarten Birkenweg Bordesholm e.V.

The association is dedicated to promoting young talent. It supports the children and the daycare centre with material purchases and cultural experiences for optimal development.

DIVIS Charity | Lindenschule Bordesholm

Association of the Lindenschule Bordesholm e.V.

The association promotes the school's activities in order to provide all children at the Lindenschule with the best possible support in their educational development.

DIVIS Charity | Bordesholmer Tafel

KGV Bordesholm (Bordesholmer Tafel)

The Bordesholmer Tafel provides people in need in our region with food.

DIVIS Charity | Lebenshilfe Bordesholm Nortorf

Lebenshilfe Bordesholm-Nortorf e.V.

Volunteers from Lebenshilfe support people with disabilities and their families in our region with numerous leisure activities.

DIVIS Charity | Spielmobil Bordesholm

Spielmobil of the Bordesholm youth club

The Spielmobil of the youth centre in Bordesholm is a trailer equipped with toys that is available to children for playful development.

DIVIS Charity | Die Waldpiraten

Waldpiraten Camp

At the German Childhood Cancer Foundation's Waldpiraten Camp, children and young people with cancer can be supported by a dedicated team of full-time and volunteer staff on their way back to life and independence.

DIVIS Charity | Plant for the Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation started out as a school project and has since developed into a global movement that aims to combat the climate crisis and preserve biodiversity.

DIVIS Charity | Save the children

Save the Children Germany e. V.

For the children's rights organisation, the focus is on emergency aid for children in the midst of current crises. Due to current developments in the world, the work of this organisation is of particular importance.

DIVIS Charity | Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke

Foundation children’s hospice Sternenbrücke

The Sternenbrücke children's hospice lovingly accompanies children, adolescents and young adults with life-shortening illnesses on their journey with care and support services. Sternenbrücke also stands by the grieving families after the loss of a child.

See you next time!

These were the latest news from DIVIS. We'll get back to you soon with more news.
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