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User feedback, our sweepstake and useful software tips

Bordesholm, October 7, 2019

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

We are beginning the last quarter of 2019 with some interesting news.

Our user feedback reports on the installation of the video management software CargoVIS during operation and the first experiences of CargoLine system partner Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH.

In the software tips, you will learn how to work with markers (digital "bookmarks") in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS to quickly find specific sequences in a video clip.

And again, we invite you to participate in our sweepstake and our survey. You will find more information in this newsletter.

We hope you enjoy reading.
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The topics of this issue


Video management software CargoVIS in use at Finsterwalder in Halle/Saale

Everything under control, transparent processes

In 2018, DIVIS equipped the branch of the CargoLine system partner Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH in Halle/Saale with the video management software CargoVIS.
As part of the project, several halls were also equipped with camera technology, partially integrating the existing technology into the new solution. Outside and inside, a total of 80 cameras were newly installed. At the end of March 2019, another 13 cameras were added to the gas station and the access area.

Kieler Daag | DIVIS


CargoVIS & ParcelVIS for video-based shipment-research

Create, view and edit markers

In the live view of CargoVIS, our video management software for transshipment warehouses, and ParcelVIS for the image-based parcel research in the depot, it is possible to set markers to quickly find specific sequences in a video clip. You can think of a marker as a bookmark in the video.

Example from practice:
A security guard discovers something suspicious in the video during his shift. He sets a corresponding marker in the sequence so that the respective scene can quickly be found again later via the search and can then be examined thoroughly.


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