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CargoVIS & ParcelVIS for video-based shipment-research

Create, view and edit markers

Bordesholm, October 7, 2019

In the live view of CargoVIS, our video management software for transshipment warehouses, and ParcelVIS for the image-based parcel research in the depot, it is possible to set markers to quickly find specific sequences in a video clip. You can think of a marker as a bookmark in the video.

Example from practice:
A security guard discovers something suspicious in the video during his shift. He sets a corresponding marker in the sequence so that the respective scene can quickly be found again later via the search and can then be examined thoroughly.

How it works

In the live view of CargoVIS or ParcelVIS, click the button located in the upper left corner of the video image. This opens a window with the marker dialogue displaying information about the selected sequence. Here you can manually enter additional information related to the incident.

Create, view and edit markers in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS

Fig.: Click on button in the upper left corner of the video image opens the marker dialogue

Contents of the marker dialogue

Arrow buttons and floppy disk button

The time of the recording can be adjusted image by image with the arrow buttons (forward or backward). To save the adjusted time settings click on the floppy disk button.

Event time

Shows the timestamp of the marker.

Reported by

Indicates which user created the marker. The login name stored in the CargoVIS or ParcelVIS software will be displayed.


Specifies the area in which the camera is displayed as the main camera.


Specifies the camera for which a marker was created.


Here you can manually enter more information about the marker in a text field.



New marker:
Cancels the process. Marker will not be created.

Edit an existing marker:
If an already existing marker is edited, the changes will be discarded and the marker remains unchanged.


Saves the marker and opens it in the research.

Save event

Saves the marker with all changes.

View created markers

Fig.: Opening list of existing markers

To view existing markers, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Show event list” to open a list of all available markers.

In ParcelVIS you will find the item "Show event list" in the menu under "File".

NOTE: In the user management of CargoVIS and ParcelVIS, the user rights for handling markers can be restricted to selected users. Here you can specify who can create markers and who can view markers.

Functions in the marker list of CargoVIS and ParcelVIS

There are several editing options available in the list of existing markers.

Fig.: List of existing markers

Narrowing the markers by period

By entering a start and end time, the search for markers can be limited to a specified period of time.
Enter the start time in the fields to the left and the end time for the search in the fields to the right. The numerical values can be changed as usual using the mouse wheel.
By clicking on the button "Get events" all markers in the selected period will be listed.

Opening a marker

By double-clicking on a marker, it will be opened in the research.

By right-clicking on a marker, a menu opens, with additional functions

Fig.: Context menu (right-click) in the marker list

Delete event

Deletes the selected marker from the list.
Note! Once deleted a marker can not be restored.

Edit event

Opens a new dialogue for editing the marker. It has the same functions as the dialogue for creating a marker. In the previous section about the creation marker dialogue you will find all the necessary information about this dialogue.

Show event

Opens the marker in the research.


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