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Case Study

ParcelVIS in parcel handling
& CargoVIS in goods handling

at Geis Parcel CZ


"ParcelVIS was the only system
that could safely meet our high
demands on the new central hub,
including the connection to the
sorting plant."

Aleš Vykydal
Manager at Geis Parcel CZ

May 26, 2018

Geis Parcel CZ

Geis knows how and where

In the Czech central hub of Geis, a video surveillance solution from DIVIS monitors all goods movements in the parcel and general cargo area.

16,000 parcels per hour: With this transshipment and sorting capacity, the central hub of the Czech parcel service provider Geis Parcel CZ near Prague is well equipped for the future. Currently, about 120 trucks load and unload here per day, which means that the capacity of the hub is far from exhausted. Nevertheless, there is plenty of activity here when the check-in is running at full speed between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am.


Packages out of the norm

The technical backbone of the distribution center, which opened in Modletice in November 2017, is a two-story sorting system by VanRiet. The incoming goods traffic is handled by 16 telescopic conveyor belts in the incoming goods department. From there, the packets are routed via a 5D scanner node to two automatic main sorters. Two shoe sorters finally assign the packages to one of the 42 target areas.
Parallel to this, at the lower level, there is a roller conveyor for the manual sorting of the consignments that cannot be processed by machine. Packages whose form and packaging deviate from the norm, such as tires, move to this area.

Integrated sorter

"Packaging quality plays an important role in the entire delivery process and is therefore monitored by us," explains Aleš Vykydal, Operations Manager at Geis Parcel CZ. With his team, he ensures a virtually flawless handling. He is supported by ParcelVIS, a video solution for parcel tracking from DIVIS. It processes the footage of 171 indoor and 30 outdoor cameras and links it to the manual and automatic barcode scans from both sorting levels. For this purpose DIVIS has realized an interface between the sorting system of VanRiet and ParcelVIS.
The solution is in use around the clock at Geis and stores records consisting of parcel label numbers, timestamps and camera information in a local database. "Using the parcel label numbers, we can track the movement path of each parcel until the transfer of liability," notes Vykydal, whose employees use ParcelVIS to search for individual shipments several times a day. The cause of the research may be, for example, damage, customer complaints or quantity differences between the Central Hub and another Geis branch.

Clear evidence

Also problematic are the packages originating from smaller senders, who sometimes re-use boxes with barcode labels already attached to them. If these double labels are overlooked in the incoming goods, packages with multiple labels circulate in the sorting system, which leads to problems. However, this happens very rarely and can be tracked down quickly with the help of ParcelVIS. The same applies to other causes of damage: "If we detect defective packaging or damage, we can use ParcelVIS to determine exactly if and at which point the damage was caused to us," explains Vykydal, who can thus provide clear evidence. Last but not least, the training requirements of individual employees and the smooth functioning of the automatic sorter can be demonstrated in this way.
Particularly important in this context are the LED headlamps mounted on the unloading and loading gates, which illuminate the entire load compartment of the vehicle at the ramp. The lamps are combined with cameras so that every shipment from the first to the last step of handling can be clearly seen under good lighting conditions. "We do not miss a millimeter and see at the entrance gate, when a truck has been loaded poorly, and can respond immediately," emphasizes Vykydal, who had already campaigned for DIVIS as a system supplier during the selection phase. For the German video experts, it was the first order from the Geis Group that had previously cooperated with other manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Efficient prevention

"ParcelVIS was the only system that could safely meet our high demands on the new central hub, including the connection to the sorting plant," recalls the plant manager. An important argument for DIVIS was "not only the high expertise in the development of solutions and consulting, but also the existing references by other parcel service providers from abroad".
"In addition, there was the willingness to create new interfaces and solutions for us that did not exist in this form before". As an example, Vykydal mentions the integration of an older video solution at the Geis site, some 200 meters away, for the handling of general cargo and pallet shipments. The "Cargo Warehouse" houses 116 indoor and outdoor cameras whose images can now also be evaluated with a DIVIS solution.

This is where the CargoVIS system, which was specially developed for general cargo handling, is used. Unlike in the case of parcel handling, the solution in the general cargo area is primarily used for rapid localization of consignments during truck loading and for prevention of unauthorized consignment manipulations.

Smooth online maintenance

As the new solution has just been deployed (May 2018), Geis has not yet been able to gain any experience with the quality and speed of DIVIS' on-site service. However, online maintenance works "perfectly," confirms Vykydal. Also very positive was the installation and introduction phase. "During the construction phase of the new hall, DIVIS has adapted very flexibly and quickly to the delays and the changing conditions," emphasizes the manager. Against this background, he would fully recommend DIVIS again anytime for one of the next projects.


Geis Parcel CZ

Geis Parcel CZ is one of the leading parcel service providers in the Czech Republic, handling national and international shipments for residential and business customers. Founded in 1995, the company is part of the German Geis Group, which has been active in the Czech Republic since 1991. Built at the end of 2017, the central hub in Modletice in the east of Prague has a two-story automatic sorting system networked with a parcel tracking solution from DIVIS. The plant has a capacity of 16,000 packages per hour.

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User video & photos

Anwenderbericht Geis | Videokomplettsystem für das Lager
Anwenderbericht Geis | Videokomplettsystem für das Lager

Aleš Vykydal
at Geis Parcel CZ
photo©Geis Parcel CZ

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Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

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