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Who? What? When? - Log files in the DIVIS software

DIVIS-Tipp: Logfiles in der DIVIS-software | Videorecherche im Lager

Bordesholm, June 4, 2018

Logfiles are "silent" data that constantly accumulate in the background and identify the activities in a software.
Since the handling of log files is not directly necessary for the operation of the software, users often do not know this function at all.

Log files usually only become interesting for running operations if, for example, you have to search for causes in malfunctions of the software.

However, even in the case of legal disputes log files can play a role and even have decisive evidential value.

In addition, at the latest since the new data protection regulations have become effective on May 25, 2018, with the GDPR it makes sense to know which information is recorded in these files and who has access to it.

The log history in the DIVIS video surveillance software can be accessed very easily in just a few clicks via the "File" menu, provided the user has the appropriate user rights (these can be adjusted in the rules of the user management).

We distinguish between three different areas of user rights

  1. Watch admin log
    The admin log displays information about the processes that take place in the background, for example which configuration files were loaded etc.
  2. Watch the software log
    The software log shows which cameras were viewed at what times, which shipment numbers were searched etc.

  3. View logs of other users
    If this item is activated in the rules of the respective user, he can see his own as well as the logs of other users. If it is not active, the user can only see his own logs.

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