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Case Study

CargoVIS in cross docking

at LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH

Loxx Lagerlogistik GmbH | Case Study

"With DIVIS, we have a reliable
partner with a sustainable,
future-proof solution and have thus
been able to further increase our

Uwe Karrenberg
Managing Director of LOXX Lagerlogistik GmbH

9 November 2022

Precise locating via app eliminates transponder hardware

LOXX relies on CargoVIS
with tagless Bluetooth® Low Energy locating

At the headquarters of LOXX in Gelsenkirchen, countless shipments pass through the 21,000 square metres of handling and logistics space every day. In order to process the high throughput with consistently high service quality, seamless shipment tracking is indispensable for LOXX. Since 2016, for their punctual and damage-free deliveries to customers the company therefore relies on the video management system CargoVIS from DIVIS with the Plus+ Feature Location+ for scanner location. During the initial installation, the best proven location technology for indoor areas at the time was implemented. For this, the scanners had to be equipped with tags or transponders, small hardware parts for signal transmission.

Loxx Lagerlogistik GmbH | Case Study

Headquarters of LOXX in Gelsenkirchen

The challenge

Transponder hardware a vulnerable factor with otherwise reliable location technology

The indoor positioning provided precise results and the consignment research as well as the claims management could be accelerated considerably thanks to CargoVIS. However, the transponders remained an ongoing cost factor due to their purchase, maintenance and repairs. Moreover, malfunctions of these hardware accessories often only became noticeable afterwards in the form of missing data. The result were location failures and ultimately gaps in the information flow of the consignment monitoring.

Loxx Lagerlogistik GmbH | Case Study

LOXX cross dock in Gelsenkirchen

The solution

Transponder hardware eliminated thanks to new tagless technology with BLE app

When DIVIS added the new tagless Bluetooth Low Energy locating from its technology partner Quuppa to the product portfolio, a solution with comparable positioning precision but without tags, LOXX was immediately convinced.

The function of the tags is taken over by an app developed by DIVIS, which is installed on the barcode scanners. It transmits the position of the scanners every time goods are scanned in the cross dock. Locators mounted on the hall ceiling receive the Bluetooth signals of the mobile devices and register their angle of impact.

Through the app tagless Bluetooth LE integrates as uncomplicated as apps on a regular smartphone and is much less susceptible to interference because there are no transponders necessary. New scanners can be added to the locating system effortlessly at any time: install the BLE app and done.

All four logistics halls in Gelsenkirchen were equipped with a total of 92 locators. This robust equipment is ideally suited for harsh logistics environments thanks to its reliable dust protection. In addition, the locators can be updated "over the air" and transmit data in real time.

The locators cover the part of the logistics halls used for cross docking. In this area, the positions of the scanners are located during the barcode scan. The CargoVIS software can then automatically display the images matching the respective scan as search results within seconds during a subsequent consignment search. Through careful planning and with lots of expertise in the installation and measurement of the locators, the experienced DIVIS technicians succeeded in ensuring the flawless functionality of the locators even in the very diverse architecture (height, structure, etc.) of the four logistics halls.

How it works

With the reliable connection of BLE app and indoor positioning, the Location+ module enables seamless logistics processes. The speed of cross docking increases because double scans or manual relation entries, such as typing in the gate number, are no longer necessary. The software automatically collects and links video, scan and location data in the background. With the help of this data, the software can then quickly find missing shipments and display them via the user-friendly interface.

This streamlines and simplifies all processes involved. Waiting and loading times for drivers are reduced through faster processing and improved communication, and warehouse staff are relieved in their daily work thanks to simplified consignment research. The protection of employee privacy is also easily ensured in the video management system. The precise search access via scan times eliminates the need to detail view long video sequences, also sparing the otherwise difficult-to-avoid observation of employees. Users only see the footage relevant to the shipment search.

The result

Elimination of transponder hardware reduces costs and ensures locating without breaking points

By switching to the new tagless Bluetooth LE technology, LOXX was able to achieve several goals at once:

  • Streamlining and simplifying the handling of goods in cross-docking
  • Elimination of acquisition costs and running costs for maintenance and repairs of the tags
  • Elimination of tag malfunctions and increased location reliability for seamless shipment tracking
  • Rapid amortisation of the investment in the new technology due to reduced costs

LOXX managed to get remarkable improvement their image as a service provider among customers and other alliances. It is not only the acquisition of the tags that the forwarding company can forego in the future. Ongoing costs for maintenance and repairs of the parts are also eliminated. The integration of new scanners into the locating system, even from different areas (driver, warehouse), works uncomplicated, flexible, inexpensive and above all fast with the app.


The new solution is future-proof and quickly pays off through optimised processes

Managing Director Uwe Karrenberg sums up the result of the changes: "At LOXX, the project quickly paid for itself. We work much more effectively with the system and are faster in resolving shipment disruptions. With DIVIS, we have a reliable partner with a sustainable, future-proof solution and have thus been able to further increase our competitiveness.“

Loxx Lagerlogistik GmbH | Case Study

LOXX in Gelsenkirchen

LOXX in Gelsenkirchen offers transport services ranging from general cargo to full loads to all countries in Europe, as well as the Middle East and Central Asia. In addition to lorries, rail and heavy goods transports are also coordinated. The company also takes care of goods storage as well as packing and distribution for its customers.
The modern logistics centre at the headquarters in Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr area covers a total of 21,000 sqm of handling and logistics space with 96 loading gates. 10,000 sqm of the area are used for international cross-docking and 11,000 sqm for logistics services within the scope of contract logistics. With state-of-the-art technology, the total of five logistics halls meets all the requirements for fast and environmentally friendly goods handling.

More about LOXX

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K. Hansen Transport AS aus Dänemark | DIVIS-Kunde

K. Hansen Transport AS


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Van Duuren


"CargoVIS is working perfectly, everyone is used to it and we can’ t live without it anymore."




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"The perfect solution even for heterogeneous handling areas - video surveillance at the package level by DIVIS."

Hendrik Reger | DIVIS | Videolösungen für die Logistik

Hendrik Reger
Managing Director

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