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New projects in Europe - current developments at DIVIS


Bordesholm, 29. September 2023

We are happy about the very favorable business developments for DIVIS in the first half of the year. In the past months, various existing partnerships have been deepened by new projects. Once again, this demonstrates the convincing performance of the DIVIS solutions in practice.

Here you can find some of our latest projects:

  • Sim cargo | DIVIS Kunde | Videomanagement

    The European pallet network sim cargo unites more than 260 cargo forwarders in a close-meshed network of a central hub and 26 regional transshipment points designed to achieve the highest service quality. Speed and a permanent overview of the consignments play a decisive role here.

    For this reason, Simcargo will rely on the CargoVIS video management system from DIVIS with Quuppa BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tracking technology at its Homberg (Efze) location in the future.

    The video management system from DIVIS enables shipments to be tracked within seconds, thus speeding up the investigation for missing shipments while reducing the risk of liability.

    Auf der transport logistic 2023 trafen sich DIVIS und sim cargo

    DIVIS and sim cargo at transport logistic 2023

    Additional added value is provided by the potential cost savings through more transparency with the video management system and the resulting process optimisations in the warehouse.

    We look forward to a successful cooperation!

  • Intertrans | DIVIS Kunde | Videomanagement

    We have maintained a close and successful business partnership with Intertrans from Bobenheim-Roxheim for over 10 years.

    The logistics experts focus on high service quality, which our video management system CargoVIS will support in the future. In this way, our software-based solutions form the foundation for sustainable process optimisation and contribute directly to an increase in quality.

    DIVIS traf Intertrans auf der transport logistic 2023

    Friendly exchange between DIVIS and Intertrans at transport logistic 2023

    In addition, many processes at Intertrans are automated with the help of the Plus+ function License Plate+. The automatic license plate recognition simplifies yard control as well as access management and promotes increased security on the premises.

    We are convinced that this step will help the company to further increase their service quality and are excited about the new joint project.

  • trans-o-flex | DIVIS Kunde | Videomanagement

    The specialist for high-value and sensitive goods, trans-o-flex, is known for the lowest loss and damage rates. Service quality at such a high level can only be realised through speed, flexibility, reliability and ensuring the integrity of entrusted goods. 

    For these purposes, trans-o-flex has relied on our ParcelVIS video management solution for the seamless tracking of packages in the parcel depot for years. Thanks to ParcelVIS, the movements of all packages within the entire hall can be tracked at any time. This enables a secure logistics infrastructure and a seamless supply chain at the most sensitive point. 

    To continue the previous success with DIVIS solutions, trans-o-flex will also rely on the ParcelVIS video management system in Austria at its location near Graz in the future.  

    We are grateful for the ongoing trust and look forward to consolidating the good partnership with another project near Graz! 

    Learn more about the cooperation between DIVIS and trans-o-flex here.

  • Emons | DIVIS Kunde | Videomanagement

    Emons, also a long-standing DIVIS partner, has opted for a new joint project as well.

    Another CargoVIS installation is currently being planned at the Duisburg site. This means that this location will benefit from the advantages of shipment tracking with CargoVIS as well. In this way, consignments can be located within seconds, clear liability transfers can be ensured, and the handling processes become more transparent.

    We are proud to be able to support Emons in another branch in maintaining its high-quality standards with our solutions and look forward to the new project.

    Learn more about the cooperation between DIVIS and Emons.

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