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Options for parcel research in ParcelVIS with and without parcel number

In the tip of the month, users of our software will again find helpful operating instructions. Today we are talking about the options in ParcelVIS for parcel research with or without a known parcel number.

Search for shipment numbers with wildcard (placeholder)

You are looking for a shipment, but you only know a few digits of the package number. CargoVIS and ParcelVIS, our powerful software packages for researching shipments in transshipment centres or in the parcel depot, can also provide results in this case.

Export video evidence from CargoVIS & ParcelVIS with VISPLayer forwarding to third parties

With the video evidence from CargoVIS or ParcelVIS, you can strengthen your position in the event of disagreements about the whereabouts of or damage to a shipment. In this tip of the month we will explain how you can export video records including VISPlayer from our video management software for forwarding to third parties.
DIVIS Tip of the month

Play back film sequences exported from video management software CargoVIS or ParcelVIS with VISPlayer

Film sequences from the video management software CargoVIS and ParcelVIS can be exported as PTD2 and played with the VISPlayer. Learn more about the functionality of the player today.

Start live support directly from the CargoVIS & ParcelVIS software

CargoVIS and ParcelVIS offer the possibility to start a session with our live support via TeamViewer directly from the software. Find out how this works in Tip of the Month today.
Release Note CargoVIS und ParcelVIS

New features in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS version

The current release version of our software products ParcelVIS and CargoVIS offers optimised features and new options have been added. Learn more.

Site plan overview for your logistics hall or your parcel depot

The site plan overview in the CargoVIS and ParcelVIS software offers an optimal overview of your logistics hall or your parcel depot. We show you this feature in detail today.

Search quickly and easily in the 360° view with the Z-key zoom

In the tip of the month, you can find out today how you can quickly and easily search for shipments using the Z-key in the image display of your 360° panorama camera.
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