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New features in CargoVIS, ParcelVIS and in VISPlayer version 1.6.

Link+ in CargoVIS

Bordesholm, January 5, 2020

The latest release version of our ParcelVIS and CargoVIS software products offers optimised features and new options have been added. These ensure both easier handling and improved security settings.

The current releases of our software are now available to our customers.
For CargoVIS, ParcelVIS and VISPlayer, the current version number is now 1.6.

Optimisations in ParcelVIS and CargoVIS

The PTD2 export has been optimised in ParcelVIS and CargoVIS.

  • With the current update you get more protection against unauthorised access. It is now possible to create a password when the search results are exported. So far, password protection was not possible and the files exported in PTD2 format could be easily opened with VISPlayer.

  • With PTD2 export, various information is also stored (Pixel+, Motion+ data, scan information, scan events including location results, information for virtual cameras (camera rotation and image sections)).


In order to be able to use innovations in the software including VISPlayer, the updates for both CargoVIS/ ParcelVIS and VISPlayer must be obtained. The changes apply from version 1.6.

The investigation results in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS, which are exported in PTD2 format, can only be played back with VISPlayer.

New VISPlayer version

With VISPlayer, search results exported from CargoVIS or ParcelVIS can be played in their own video format (.ptd / .ptd2) *.

*PTD = Parcel Tracking File

Instructions on how to export your search results in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS can be found in these two articles:

Export video sequences in CargoVIS & ParcelVIS
Part 1: Evaluate and export search results

Export of video sequences in CargoVIS & ParcelVIS
Part 2: The detail viewTeil 2: Detailansicht

You will find the following features in the new VISPlayer version (among others)

  • It is now possible to use the Motion+ function even with exported video material!

    From a longer exported video sequence, you usually only need a few relevant pictures, which should be available as quickly and easily as possible.

    With version 1.6. this is possible in VISPlayer. If the export was previously carried out with CargoVIS or ParcelVIS version 1.6. the Motion+ function can be used to select relevant areas.

    To do this, hold down the S key and select one or more grid areas with the left mouse button as required. By turning the mouse wheel you jump to the next point in time at which movement in the respective area was detected.

    You can find more information about researching with Motion+ here:
    Fast search results in CargoVIS and ParcelVIS with Motion+

  • Password protection

    From version 1.6. it is now possible to store a password for PTD2 files. This function did not exist in previous versions. If a password has been saved for a PTD2 file, a dialog with the password query opens. Without the password, the research in VISPlayer cannot be opened.


Opening password-protected files is only possible with VISPlayer from version 1.6. Lower versions of the player cannot open the protected files. Another requirement is that export of the research process has taken place with password assignment out of ParcelVIS /CargoVIS from version 1.6.

Further features of the VISPlayer

  • Display of scan events including location results

    If the research result for a scan event (start of the search with a shipment number) is exported, the scan information is saved in the image and, if available, the location result for the scan moment is shown in the image. The location result appears in the image as a red circle.

  • Pixel+ (pixelation of the movement or an area)

    So far it was not possible to export the video data with pixelation. From version 1.6. the research process can be exported with pixelation and a password that can be used to remove the pixelation again. The PTD2 file can be played back with pixelation and, if necessary, by entering a password without pixelation in VISPlayer.

  • "Z" key zoom

    From version 1.6. it is possible to zoom in an exported PDT2 file with the "Z" key zoom for 360-degree cameras. This enables image rotation and zooming in and out of image sections.
    More information about useful tools for research with the 360º 4K camera can be found in this article:
    Useful tools to research with the 360º 4K camera in the DIVIS software

Optimisations in License Plate+

Plus+ function for automatic license plate recognition

License Plate+ is a CargoVIS software module. Stored license plates can be viewed using the License Plate+ icon in the header of the CargoVIS research.
After clicking on the License Plate+ Icon  License Plate+ Software-Modul | DIVISthe "License plate list" opens in a window, which can then be searched for license plates.

Innovations in the optional function with barrier control

In the new version, the maintenance of black and white lists for automatic barrier opening is possible.
You can access the lists via the “Edit” item in the menu bar. Select "Manage barrier control lists" there.

Software Release Note

A window "List management barrier control" opens, in which vehicle registration numbers can be added to white or black lists.

Software Release Note
Software Release Note

Fig. left and right: Add license plates to the whitelist and list management for barrier control

Manual barrier opening located in the live camera image

In the previous configuration, the button to open the barrier was to be found on the site map. In order to allow someone in, you had to select the corresponding button on the site map and press to open the barrier.

In the new version, the button can be conveniently placed directly on the live image of the camera. If the button is clicked and the barrier is opened, it turns green, indicating that the barrier has been opened.

Software Release Note

Fig.: Button in the live camera image

Software Release Note

Fig.: Button in the live camera image clicked

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