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Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH expands – ParcelVIS remains the first choice

DPD depot 0620, branch office Radstadt in Austria

Bordesholm, September 6, 2019

Anwenderfeedback: Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH | DIVIS

The cooperation between Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH from Austria and DIVIS began in 2011 at the Reitdorf site with the implementation of the ParcelVIS software for the video-based shipment research in the parcel depot. The system was used here in the package sortation, especially for documenting the transfer of liability to the driver.

In the following years, the order volume of the subsidiary grew steadily and eventually exceeded the capacity of the plant, necessitating a larger site and some expansions. That is why the first measures for the construction of a modern parcel logistics depot with a total area of ​​15,100 sqm started at Lagermax last August on new premises in Radstadt. The solution for parcel research and video surveillance from DIVIS was desired to be used here again.

The new location is designed for high throughput rates. It comprises 3,000 square meters of hall space with a total of 10 loading gates for the outbound process, a 1,000 square meter unloading head with six unloading telescopes (2 of which are fully automatic), as well as fitting ramps and a new package conveyor with two automated push stations. Lagermax currently has an average of 10,500 scans and up to 50 searches per 24 hours – seven days a week.

Cost-saving effects thanks to ParcelVIS

„We chose DIVIS again as a partner in the new depot for our parcel tracking system because we were satisfied with the product in the past. Employees are familiar with the software and get along with the system very well. We can rely on the DIVIS service.“

Christian Lackner
Depot Manager
Lagermax in Radstad

Even at the old location in Reitdorf and in other branches, which are also equipped by DIVIS, Lagermax benefited from the cost-saving effects of DIVIS solutions. Optimization of transport processes, reduced effort in package research as well as improved property and personal protection are just a few of many noteworthy advantages. The decision to continue using the system at the new Radstadt site was therefore obvious. As a result of the positive experiences, Lagermax was convinced that the DIVIS technology will be the best solution and able to cope with the changed requirements for the new plant as well.

Christian Lackner, Depot Manager at Lagermax in Radstadt, about the renewed cooperation with DIVIS:
"We chose DIVIS again as a partner in the new depot for our parcel tracking system because we were satisfied with the product in the past. Employees are familiar with the software and get along with the system very well. We can rely on the DIVIS service."

Challenges mastered successfully

A significant change in the circumstances and challenge for installation during project implementation was the change from a hall with only one area for loading to a new hall with two independent fingers. At Lagermax, the GDPR compliant implementation and configuration was also a high priority. Therefore, certain areas had to be excluded from video capture. In order to meet the wishes and yet to ensure an optimal overview of the terrain, the cameras were installed at a suitable angle. A total of 24 outdoor and 91 indoor cameras were used.

Lagermax again convinced by the DIVIS products and services

The new video surveillance system from DIVIS went live on June 3, 2019. Christian Lackner is satisfied: "There are two independent halls in the new depot, whereby one hall is also used for outgoing traffic. In addition, two  conveyor belts, one arranged above the other, are installed in the unloading head. DIVIS has successfully solved the challenges of this complex layout in a very short time."

He adds: "The installation at the new location has been carried out professionally within the agreed time frame. The cooperation with the DIVIS specialists was accurate and great. Since we also had a system from DIVIS in our old depot, nothing had to be changed in our processes. Process optimizations made possible by the DIVIS solutions have been implemented by us for years and we are very satisfied with that."

Background Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH

Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH is part of Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG and processes a volume of 50.5 million parcels per year as a DPD depot in Austria. The corporation can look back on nearly 100 years of corporate history (founded 1920) and today offers international forwarding services and express distribution through its various branches at 55 locations in 12 countries with a transport volume of 1,920,000 tons or approx. 1,300,000 consignments per year, car transports of approx. 920,000 vehicles per year, parcel transportation (50.5 million parcels / year) and textile logistics (approx. 8 million parts / year). The headquarters are Lagermax, Salzburg (Austria). In 2018, a total of 3,600 employees worked for the group.

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