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Security video surveillance vs. logistics video solution: shared features and differences

Bordesholm, October 25, 2021


Unique features of security video surveillance

Security on the premises, automatic alarm

  • Main function: surveillance, deterrence
  • Cross-industry use
  • Use of pan and tilt cameras with mechanical zoom function
  • Often connected to other security systems, guard services, police or fire department 

Conventional security video surveillance on the premises focuses on the issue of security and provides all the necessary features for this purpose. A special feature is the use of live, joystick-operated pan and tilt cameras with mechanical zoom function to track people or objects.

Security surveillance is used across industries, from pharmacies or offices to department stores and warehouses.

It meets some or all of the following security requirements, depending on the business: Theft, burglary, fire protection and access control. Video recording is often linked to other security systems, such as burglar or fire alarm systems, and can also be directly connected to security guards, the police or the fire department. When particular events occur, the system can trigger an alarm directly or send it to specified recipients.

Security video surveillance and consignment research: pros and cons

With the help of the available functions such as archiving options and fast forwarding, visual searching of the video material is possible. In the event of a theft or burglary, the moment of the event can be researched in the recordings in this way.

In logistics facilities with moderate throughput of goods where shipments are rarely missed, these limited search options in a security video surveillance system can be sufficient to visually locate missing packages within an acceptable period of time.

However, in large logistics facilities with high throughput that possibly makes searching for missing or damaged shipments necessary dozens of times a day, the time required for visual searches increases while the chances of success decrease.

Depending on how precisely the location and time period of the event are known, searching through long video surveillance footage by hand can be very time-consuming. Employees must carefully sift through the video footage scene by scene and, most importantly, be familiar with the individual camera positions in order to continuously keep track of the consignment in the various images.

Security video surveillance meets some or all of the following security requirements, depending on the business: Theft, burglary, fire protection and access control.

This cumbersome procedure interrupts processes and consumes personnel resources.

In parcel handling, trying to visually identify a shipment among hundreds or thousands of similar-looking parcels on the sorting belts based on visual characteristics alone can be almost futile.

Security video surveillance systems are very good at ensuring security on the premises, because this is exactly what they are designed to do. When used for consignment research, however, these systems very quickly reach their limits.

Unique features of the logistics video solution

Software-controlled shipment tracking, security included

  • Main function: consignment research
  • Specialised application with functionality tailored to the logistics industry
  • Easy to use with software-controlled search entry,

    thus fast search results within a few minutes

  • Complete solution, enables comprehensive optimisation of logistics processes

Logistics video solutions are multifunctional video systems for software-controlled shipment research, which also include security functionalities.

The main task of a logistics video solution is not to track or monitor people, but to seamlessly record the movement path of goods on their way through the logistics hall. This is why static cameras are mostly in use here. The software's focus on collection and systematic search of data enables fast search results in the shortest possible time. With these complete solutions, moreover, several very different purposes can be covered by a single system. In addition to shipment research and operational security, for example, functions are also available for scanner location, volume calculation of shipments, gate status analysis or route optimisation.
This can eliminate various cost traps and optimise the service across the entire logistics facility.

Logistics video solutions merge data from different systems for each shipment. In addition to the image information from the cameras, for example, the position data from the scanning stations is also logged each time the shipment barcode is scanned.

All relevant data is finally combined in the software to form a joint history of the shipment route. Based on this data history, the software can locate the desired goods within seconds, even if they went through the handling process for several hours together with thousands of other shipments.

The key features of logistics video solutions include their ease of use and the little amount of time necessary for researching and viewing events. This ease of use and high speed search are made possible by the fact that the software first takes over the locating of the shipment. Only then does the user enter the visual search.

It is true that logistics video solutions work with very large amounts of data. However, all this data is already filtered by the software before it is viewed by the user, and any irrelevant information is not even displayed. Knowledge of the individual camera positions is not required for a successful search query, because the software takes care of the orientation in the system.

For the visual part of a search, intuitive navigation aids are also available in the user interface. All this enables users to access the relevant information on the desired consignment quickly and in a way that is tailored to their needs.

Logistics video solutions are multifunctional video systems for software-controlled shipment research, which also include security functionalities.

A logistics video solution is ideally suited to significantly shorten the search for missing consignments due to the software-controlled fast and precise access to information.
The system also provides security and deterrence during operation thanks to the installed cameras and corresponding software add-ons.

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